ARROW Mid-Season Finale, A Review of Sorts

by on December 15, 2014

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Arrow review

After I watched the mid-season finale of the CW’s Arrow, as much as I like what has been going on in the show this season, there seems to have been a few oddly rushed or over-done themes in this winter finale episode alone.

And did THAT really happen in the episode?


This third season of Arrow on The CW has taken a bold route of story telling, keeping our hero grounded amongst some pretty fascinating developments.

From the death of Sara Lance, to Laurel training for the inevitable donning of her sister’s vigilante outfit, to Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) buying out Queen Industries and developing a suit of armor called A.T.O.M..

Oh, and let’s not forget about Oliver’s sister hooking up with dad Malcolm, and NOT telling Oliver, but rather, lying to his face.

Add to that a great cross-over with the other CW WB series, The Flash, and I have to say that the show is topping itself micely from the previous two seasons. Which for some shows, that can be pretty tough. But so far, Arrow is keeping the development of the characters and story feeling like it is moving forward.

The first thing I want to touch on is the cross-over with The Flash. I found those two episodes to be pretty entertaining, using a decent set of stories plus some great humor made these two episodes fun for me.

The pursuit of Sara’s killer kept our team on their toes as they first thought that maybe Roy killed Sara. And then the planted DNA that set Oliver up to be the killer. But the true killer, being Thea, under drugged persuasion from daddy dearest, Malcolm.

I had no good clue who killed Sara and never saw it being a Malcolm-controlled Thea. Now that is serious leverage over Oliver. His sister killing Sara with arrows laced with his DNA.

But then we have this quirky, annoying and maybe problematic character of Ray Palmer played by Brandon Routh. A way too cheery Routh. And we see that he’s building A.T.O.M.. (He should be a good guy.)

What is inspiring me to write this piece was the confrontation between Oliver and the slightly out of shape Ras al Ghul.

Ghul has threatened Oliver unless he uncovers Sara’s killer. But instead he says he did it and challenges Ghul to a fight to the death. This is when I found my frustrations with the episode start to kick in.

As they fight, Oliver starts acting like a completely untrained fighter. Al Ghul seems to easily dodge all of Oliver’s attacks with the simplest of moves. It just seemed so out of character for Oliver to act like such an amatuer. Ug.

And I was pretty stunned to see Ghul skewer Oliver through and through, like a scene from Spartacus. And thus, we watch Oliver Queen get killed by Ra’s al Ghul and fall over the cliff’s edge.

And there went my other issue… the apparent death of the primary character. Unless they are going to rename the show to A.T.O.M., we know Queen isn’t dead. Sure, he might be about to go through a slight rough patch of possibly being dead, but there’s this thing in Ghul’s inventory called a Lazarus Pit and if I’m even near right, I’m guessing we’ll see Oliver get dumped into the pit.

Remember, there is no such thing as permanent death in comics, and hence, that will probably be the case with TV’s Arrow. Of course the Pit has some downfalls like changing it’s bather in dark ways, so when Queen comes back, he might be different.

Or did Ghul only mortally wound him and not skewer him straight through the heart intentionally? We’ll see how that develops, because I’m sure Ghul realizes Queen did not kill Sara, but rather, claimed to, to save honor for all involved. And possibly Ghul recognized this.

We’ll see

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