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by on March 20, 2015

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My wife went off and competed in the hot sweltering 2015 L.A. Marathon. That morning I tried to follow her and her sister via some form of a run tracker.

I mean, how hard can it be? Right?

After a little digging, I found the “Results” page on the marathon website and it seemed that my options were a phone app or via an online version.

I looked up my wife’s name and there was a symbol I was supposed to click to track her.

I input her name. Good… there she was.

I clicked on the little Xact logo (that company backing the process of run tracking) next to her name and a new window pops up… and another new window popped up saying “Search Found No Entrants, Please try again.”


I tried this a few times… including logging in… to find the same result.

In a word, WTF?

So in this “Can’t find the info you found on the other page” popup window, I thought I’d fill in the info and see what happens.

This new window said she is in the race. Oh Thank God! For a second I thought all that that training and travel was just to have a boondoggle trip to some other town!!!

Now the process I was signed into gave me four options to help me track my runner. Text, email, Facebook and twitter.

I clicked email… considering the process should know my email since I signed in with it, but no, I need to provide it again.

I received a quick first update, but as time went on, I found no other updates for a bit and found that I could get more immediate updates from the site itself rather than the emails.

But as I checked on the 20k update online, I received the email.

Then I received no other updates until the 40k mark and finish updates.

All in all, the runner tracker performed in a barely acceptable but nothing to write home about performance. I would have loved updates every 5k, much like how the site has it set up.

But it wasn’t. Either way, I was still able to watch my wife’s performance from afar and I appreciated that, but it just wasn’t perfect.

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