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by on April 30, 2012

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'Attack the Block' movie poster (movie review)This is a Brusimm movie review of Attack the Block

I finally was able to catch the much heralded alien attack movie, called Attack the Block, and for all the hoopla that I had read about online, I was expecting a bit more.  That’s not saying it wasn’t an entertaining piece of work.  I just think I got excited about something and built up expectations a touch higher than they needed to be from some of the spin or studio-line some folks were towing.

Yet, don’t be deterred, it did win various film festival awards, and those don’t land in anyone’s laps lightly.

Hence, Attack the Block did not suck, but in fact was entertaining, imaginative and challenged me at spots.

The movie is takes place in a less than desirable neighborhood of South London, where aliens start raining down upon this small piece of the world in the form of what look like small meteor strikes and a local “group” of kids end up defending the neighborhood from them.

The movie comes from the mind of Joe Cornish, who wrote and directed this alien invasion bit.  If you follow who writes or directs what movies, you’ll notice Cornish’s name come up as the screenplay writer for Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures and Tintin.  In IMDb, he’s enthusiastically being credited with the job of penning the script for the Ant Man movie… if it ever gets off the ground.

Block stars John Boyega as Moses, the leader of a neighborhood gang, and Jodie Whittaker (Marchlands, One Day) as Sam, a victim and later ally of the gang.

It also stars some nicely done dog-like alien animals that seem hungry and in pursuit of something.

Franz Drameh, Alex Esmail, Leeon Jones and John Boyega in 'Attack the Block'

The movie starts out and we watch the masked Moses and his gang rob a lone woman, Sam, at her car.  This setting instantly made me dislike the gang and it took more than half the movie to stop rooting for the alien dogs.

But one thing leads to another and Moses, his troupe and Sam find themselves on the same side facing off against the dark black alien dog monsters with blue, glowing teeth.

As the movie gets along, we more or less find out why alien meteorite dogs are raining down on South London and why Moses is defending his “Block” and why the alliance of his once past-victim comes to be allowed, by both sides.

The story develops in such a fashion that developments occur naturally and very little takes place in some obtuse fashion, like some movies manage to do to the viewer.

'Attack the Block,' allies with the same enemy

It is as it’s advertised, probably one of the best and funnest B-movies you’ll ever catch.  Though, and this is just me, I had a bit of a time with the accents.  That and I think Boyega led a great ensemble cast that really helped make this film as fun as it was.

I caught Attack the Block on Starz because it snuck past me on the VoD pay phase…  whenever that happened.  If you come across it with a chance to rent it, and you go in expecting a quality “B” movie, I think you will come away entertained.

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