Avatar Creeping Up on Titanic, Financially!

by on January 26, 2010

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Without taking a 2nd look at what makes the numbers what they are, Avatar is creeping up on Titanic for Box Office records.  The numbers are amazing.


Total US Gross:     $551,741,499
International Gross:     $1,288,000,000
Worldwide Gross:     $1,839,741,499


Total US Gross      $600,788,188
International Gross     $1,242,091,767
Worldwide Gross     $1,842,879,955

And there is no doubt that the $$ numbers of Avatar will bypass Titanic.  (They probably already did while I was writing this!) James Cameron just beat out James Cameron.  The man is a solid bet for any studio, that’s for sure.

Titanic will have one more record to lose after the above numbers, and that’s this:

Worldwide video and DVD sales and rentals:    $1,200,000,000

But I’m sure it will fall too.

The only other record I’m looking at is the most number of weeks at No. 1 at the box office.  At present, ET: The Extra-Terrestrial holds that at 16 weeks, while Titanic was No. 1 for 15 weeks.

What I’m truly looking at though isn’t the dollar amount, but how many tickets themselves have been sold.

Right now I’m betting that number is a bit bigger, considering how much more movie tickets are, not to mention how much more the 3D tickets are costing for Avatar.

In fact, in a list of just tickets purchased, Avatar sits 26th and has a long way to go before it even threatens Titanic, or Gone with the Wind.

Check out the details I worked up at Avatar Is Not The No. 1 Movie.


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