Avatar Sequel To Be Underwater, But We Knew That Already

by on March 7, 2011

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A Pragmatic Observation

I always find it amazing that someone (actors) can verbally hope in an interview to be in a movie, and it makes news. And I want to work LucasFilm and win the lottery! We all have hopes, but anyone whose an actor can have some serious fun with their own hopes and watch it catch on as it weaves throughout the internet!

In April 2010, James Cameron said they’re looking to take the Avatar sequels to the ocean, and then September of 2010, I chronicled how Mr. Cameron started filming for Avatar 2 by taking his own little foray in a rented deep diving rig and heading to the Mariana Trench with his 3D film gear.

So when Michelle Rodriguez pipes up that even though it looked like her character died in the first movie, she’d be interested in returning to the Avatar franchise, I’m not surprised people are running with it. For her to be creating news (OK, re-news) that the sequel is headed to the ocean is just reiterating what was said nearly a year ago, but everyone is just reminding us about it.

End Pragmatic Observation

James Cameron already has a wee bit of experience with deep diving projects. His movie most excellent movie, The Abyss, took viewers to depths unheard of in the oceans of Earth, showing off wonderfully imagined deep diving tech. He personally headed down to and scoped out the Titanic wreckage for his block buster, Titanic. So he’s no stranger to deep sea diving.

So the man is verse in the realm of diving and so be it. For now, the confirmation is that Avatar will be taking place underwater.

To be honest, that’s the perfect realm for more 3D adventures. There are some limitations with filming in 3D and super fast action does have limitations in being filmed for native 3D. It doesn’t translate as perfectly as slower action. If a story is going to take place under water, there’s the perfect excuse for slower action. I don’t mean turtle slow… just a wee bit slower so that the action translates better to the 3D filming systems.

Avatar 2, (Which BTW, I want to be in.) is slated for a 2014 release date, probably in the latter half of the year.

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