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TV and Movie quick news bites

Today’s tidbits include snippets of insights from Avengers 2, Batman vs Superman, Captain America, and Doctor Who.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

If you want to mix words with hopes, in a semi-recent interview Joss Whedon said he wanted to make this movie harder to make than the last one and Chris Hemsworth has been noted to saying that in this latest chapter, we’ll see more dynamics between characters, including how well (or not?) Thor and Hulk are getting along.

Here’s a little story (spoiler?) for A2:

Events in Captain America 2 do influence events in Avengers 2 to some degree, with regards to how Bucky is in the wind after events in Cap 2.

In other words, they took some side note mention from the upcoming film and made it a news bite! And I bit.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

RUMORS: In the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, Bruce Wayne has supposedly been running his operation very quietly for the last 30 years. The batcave has a memorial of sorts with a tattered Robin suit in the middle of it. (That makes me think that in this timeline, Robin was blown up (in an alternate story arc) by the Joker. And if we do have a BvS story here, that’s the same or similar alternate arc.)

Also, Wonder Woman has also been operating in secret for the last thirty years, behind the scenes.

I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us, if these rumors from Badass Digest are true.

SPOILERS: Behind the scenes of Batman v Superman, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) on a wrecked Metropolis set

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Captain America

It’s early but news bits about Captain America 3 suggest that the story will be picking up a few years after events in The Winter Soldier.

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are going to have a complicated, if not strained relationship and the theme of politics and power will be in play because of who Cap is.

To be honest, wow, this is an extremely early piece of news for a movie not coming out until May of 2015! (Marvel Movie Release Dates, so far.)

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Doctor Who

With the new incarnation of Doctor Who, you might want to expect a darker sense of humor and they’re trying to pitch the new season with the new actor and a scarier kind of story.

Peter Capaldi, who is the new doctor, calls his character more alien than we’re used to. We’re also not going to be seeing the huge story arcs that range over an entire season.

Yet for me, that was a draw. That one entity continued to not only show up, but looking back, you can see what influence the evil entity had in episodes despite not being called out on it.

But this is Moffat. His style doesn’t always agree with me up front, but when I catch an episode of Who, I can’t help getting drawn in. (I still haven’t figured that one out yet.)

Wait, you ask (I know it, you are asking…), hasn’t Capaldi appeared in previous Dr. Who episodes?

First off, Capaldi is dang busy actor, with 77 different television gigs (jobs on different series, whether it be one-ups or recurring) and has been in 31 movies over the years.

But he has been in the Who spin-off, Torchwood.

In response to this quandary, I think the showrunners have a very pragmatic reply that just says, yes, yes, he did. So what? (OK, I’m paraphrasing.)

Steven Moffat:

“Truthfully I don’t think it’s something you have to resolve because audiences do understand that the same actor can play different parts.

When Peter Capaldi turned up in Torchwood, Russell said he had a plan in his head on why he looked like the guy in The Fires of Pompeii. So I emailed him and said what was the explanation and does it fit with the new Doctor? And it sort of does.

So in a very low-key way we’ll address it. It won’t be a major deal because in the end people know the real reason is he’s played by the same actor.

What’s really worrying me is Karen Gillan in The Fires of Pompeii. That’s just inexplicable I’m going to get to that eventually.”


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