Baby Fruit Bat Video… Cute, If You Appreciate Bats

by on December 10, 2011

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I think bats can be cool but Fruit Bats to me are awesome because they look like small dogs with wings.† Fruit Bats are also known by the name of Megabats or Flying Foxes, and for good reason!† The largest lineage of this bat species can reach wingspans of up to† 5 feet wide.

Spectacled Fruit Bat - Pteropus Conspicillatus (

They’re the classic large bat you usually always see on TV in scenes, but they seem quite harmless, since they feed on fruits and flower nectar!

But of course, at that size, it does wonders on the human psyche when trying to stay calm if you’re presented with seeing these flying beasts in the wild, of that I’m sure.

I09 posted a video of a rescued Short Tailed Fruit Bat, and that IS NOT the kind of huge bat I was talking about above.† They’re more on average size, measuring in around 3 inches in length, at most.† (Any bat experts feel like chiming in, in the comments are welcomed to add info here!)† I just started off on a tangent because I love the large variety of bat.

Back on Track:

What the video documents is the rescue of a baby fruit bat after a zoo closure and the relocation of the bats from that zoo.† The mother bat, in the trauma of the move from the zoo to the rescue location, confused her and she abandoned the baby.† It was found on the floor of the Bat World Sanctuary.

Check out the video below of Lil’ Drac‘s rescue.† Look how small he is, compared to the thumb…† in the beginning.† At the 2-minute mark you can see his little heart beat.† If interested, visit the above link to Bat World Sanctuary!

= or visit their YouTube channel if you have an interest in bats, where they have more bat-videos on their YouTube bat-channel! † Yep, I went there!† I went with a Batman poke.† Sorry. (Check out the ‘Bat Emotion’ clip.† It’s fascinating to see animals have emotional reactions to things and events.)

(the fruit bat image, via Wikipedia Commons)

[found via i09]

A sample of thumbnails from a google image search for fruit bats:

Google image search result for fruit bats

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