Babylon 5 – Never On Blu-ray? Where’s The Cast, What’s JMS Up To?

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I was tooling around the net the other night and I came across an interesting piece about how the 1994-98 TV series Babylon 5 and if it would ever come to Blu-ray.

'Babylon 5' space station

Babylon 5 came to fans from J. Michael Straczynski (JMS) and put some names on my plate, introducing me to some of the following actors:  Jerry Doyle, Mira Furlan, Stephen Furst, Bill Mumy, Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian, Jeff Conaway and a few more.

Jerry Doyle’s last gig as a 2004 movie called Open House and on TV, an episode of 2010’s Republic of Doyle.

Mira Furlan has stayed busy working.  She’s been in a few movies and has roles in three upcoming projects.  On TV, you might have caught her in ABC’s Lost.

Stephen Furst has stayed busy, more on the silver screen than the tube, though his credits are spread across actor/director and producer on TV and he exec produced My Sister’s Keeper and has a producer gig coming up in 2013 called Irish Pride.

Bill Mumy, was already a child star from 1965’s Lost in Space (Will Robinson) and after Babylon 5, he’s been doing one ups and other smaller movies.

Michael O’Hare hasn’t done much in the entertainment industry after B5.  He had a guest gig in Law & Order in 1997 and 2000 and that’s it.  So he’s living an honest life and working for a living.

Tracy Scoggins has been busy on and off, but it doesn’t look crazy busy.  Since B5, she’s been in Crusade and Dante’s Cove and guested in Felicity, Nip/Tuck, NCIS and a 2012 episode of Castle.

Jeff Conway has been busy, if you want to count on of his latest TV gigs as being on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew as a patient.  But h was busy on the silver screen with intermittent roles in some smaller movies.  Though sadly, he passed away in mid-2011.  (Thanks 7!)

Then there’s Claudia Christian, who played Cmdr. Susan Ivanova.  She has stayed busy in the industry with various films for TV and theater.  She’s had various guest gigs on shows like NYPD Blue, Everwood, Nip/Tuck and Grimm.  She’s had a few recurring roles on shows like Broken News and Starhyke.

She has a TV movie coming up called Prodigy Bully.

She’s been busy with movies, both big and small screen, like Half Past Dead, Syfy’s Meteor Apocalypse and such.  Upcoming movie projects include Red and Watercolor Postcards, where she’s working along side Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan Banks and Bailee Madison.

Bruce Boxleitner seems to have done the most work since Babylon 5, (Better agent?) and has had roles in various TV shows like Heroes, NCIS, & Chuck.  If you watch Syfy you’ve probably seen him in a few of their “phenomenal” TV movies like Transmorphers: Fall of Man , Snakehead TerrorBone Eater, & 51.   He also reprised his role of Alan Bradley in Tron: Legacy.

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On Babylon 5 Never Seeing the Light of Blu-ray

Babylon 5 has come out in various DVD releases and oddly, we’ve never seen it come to Blu-ray disc.  It seems there may be a good reason, and it’s not a good one, if I were to guess how fans will see it.

Turns out that Babylon 5 was produced on what is called antiquated equipment and that equipment produced the show on a terrible resolution, compared to what’s currently recorded now.

The cost to render/upres the show would cost as much as it would to reprocess the entire series from scratch.  This is what J. Michael Straczynski tells his followers.


J. Michael Straczynski is pretty busy these days and that’s good to see!  He has a lot offer genre fans.

From being a contributing writer to Marvel’s Thor (and playing a townie in the movie), to writing Underworld: Awakening, he’s now got a movie called The Flickering Light in pre-production under his newly announced studio, Studio JMS.

There are future projects noted under his name on IMDb as being in the script stage of production, but there is nothing concrete as far as solid dates.  Silver Surfer, Shattered Union, Vanishing Point.  A few TV movies like Vlad Dracula and Epidemic.  Then don’t forget the vapor project that seems to never be coming to light, the remake of Forbidden Planet and Lensman.  And he’s pretty busy with his various comic titles.

I don’t think we’ll ever see Babylon 5 on Blu-ray.  So that means we need to be happy with the upsampling our Blu-ray players themselves do when playing DVD’s.

[JMSNews] ; Studio JMS on Facebook

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