BATMAN 3: I Wonder What Christopher Nolan Has In Mind?

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Christopher Nolan's BATMAN BEGINS

Christopher Nolan rejuvenated the DC Comic’s title of Batman when he wrote and directed Batman Begins. As the title implied, it was an origins story where we saw how Bruce Wayne became the Batman and how Batman / Bruce Wayne used his resources to defeat a multitude of enemies, including The Scarecrow and Ra’s al Ghul.

Nolan gave us a character, a story and created a compelling desire to believe in the mythos of Batman.

Batman Begins is an origins film about Bruce Wayne and it ends with a lieutenant Gordon showing Batman a calling card left by a new kind of criminal who has a penance for theatrics in the commission of his crimes. It’s a playing card with the Joker on it.

The film had an estimated budget of $150 million and has grossed $352 million worldwide at the box office. This told me that Nolan did his job well and that we, the movie goer, believed in his product.


Christopher Nolans THE DARK KNIGHT

The next chapter in Christopher Nolan’s vision for Batman was titled The Dark Knight. This time, the characters from the movie became a phenom amongst the genre of superhero movies as far as box office metrics are concerned.

In this chapter, Batman, the newly promoted Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent are all focused on one crazy man in a purple sports coat and crazy makeup who calls himself The Joker.

Between Christopher Nolan’s vision of this second chapter of Batman and the late Heath Ledger’s work as The Joker, another compelling tale of criminal confrontation and personal sacrifice was delivered to the franchise fan and general movie goer. In this chapter, everyone needs to deal with The Joker and Mr. Nolan took a refreshing approach by not boring us with an origins chapter on The Joker. He presented him to us and let this actions and dialog tell the rest.

The Batman questions The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT

Despite being better than its predecessor, my personal belief is that it was Heath Ledger that helped bring the worldwide box office performance to the $1 billion mark. Ledger dragged this kind of genre film into the limelight in front of movie goers worldwide.

In The Dark Knight, we aren’t sure that Harvey Dent, who had become Two-Face, died or not. Batman couldn’t let The Joker die in any tragic fall & the premise that The Batman can’t keep doing this forever was also presented in a simple thought. (I’ve learned that the smallest and sometimes simplest thoughts are not to be discarded when it comes to Nolan’s work.) We also watch as Commissioner Gordon and Batman agree that in order to preserve Harvey Dent’s image, The Batman has to become a fugitive from the law and take the blame for murders and crimes that Dent / Two-Face committed.

The movie ends with Batman on the run from the law, leaving the slate wide open as to where the story will go.


BATMAN 3 fake logoBATMAN 3

Batman 3, or as it is called in IMDb, Untitled Batman Project, we know that Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Cane and Morgan Freeman are reported being in the film reprising their roles.

It’s also noted that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rumored to play The Riddler/Edward Nygma, though back in June, Levitt’s “people” were denying this rumor. AcesShowBiz said that the 3 actors from Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were are all looking to be in the movie and vying for The Riddler part. LOL. Despite the rampant conjecturing everyone is going on about to generate web traffic, at least one thing does seem certain and that is that The Riddler is in. (“SEEMS” certain.)

We do know that Nolan said there will be no Joker in Batman 3, but won’t comment on much more than that. Nor will it be in 3D, but will be shot on film, as is Nolan’s preference. The budget is reported to be in the range of $200 million and may very well be filming most or partly in New Orleans, as opposed to Chicago, where they’ve filmed the first 2 films. (Huge tax and cost breaks can lure production companies anywhere!)

And according to CBM, Aaron Eckhart, who played Harvey Dent / Two-Face, has been asked to return to the 3rd film and there are rumors that Catwoman may very well be in the movie. The prior note would indicate that Dent did not die in The Dark Knight, and would be nice to see a connector character between movies. Much like when Scarecrow was peppered throughout the 2nd movie, left over from the first movie.

What can we surmise from everything we know, about the possible plot of Batman 3?

Christian Bale in BATMAN BEGINS - is Batman a fugitive?Batman, hiding from the law?

My guess is Batman will be working more in the shadows, needing to be sneakier now that he’s a fugitive from the law. The Riddler will commit crimes that law enforcement can’t handle. They’ll either ask for Batman’s help or Batman will see what he needs to do and risks himself being captured to bring the Riddler down.

I can’t even begin to guess what personal issues the characters will face that will surround this new chapter of events.

CBM surmises that the 3rd film could possibly follow the story from “The Long Halloween,” and I do like that idea. I’ve read that Christopher Nolan’s launching point for his Batman franchise was generated from the comic titles “Batman: Year One” & “The Killing Joke.” They inspired him and then he takes it in his own direction. But I think he may have headed more towards taking “The Killing Joke” and melded it with “The Long Halloween.” There is so much that goes on in The Dark Knight that matches up in thematic outline with “The Long Halloween” and it still has much more material to cover… or perhaps, to convey in a third movie. That would be a delicious piece of work.

“The Long Halloween” story arc takes place in the early days of Batman’s career and touches on a murderer who kills a person each holiday. It also looks at Batman working with Dent and the origination of Two-Face. We also see in this story arc some of the every-day villains that start to convert into supervillains. Actually, the more I review the story line of “The Long Halloween,” I’m seeing a lot of Nolan’s The Dark Knight in there. I’m good with the idea that our next film could very well come from the latter half of this story.

And that is all I will say because it’s a very good and twisty set of stories.

Warner Brothers announced that Batman 3 is scheduled to open on July 20, 2012. David Goyer is working with Christopher Nolan’s brother, Jonathan Nolan on the script. Of course, Christopher Nolan is directing.

NOW, despite Nolan’s desire to not inject other character heroes in his vision of The Caped Crusader, wouldn’t it be perfectly special if he tossed in an Easter Egg somewhere in the movie… maybe even in the credits, where we see a suggested Clark Kent or Superman? AKA, the Marvel treatment of their Avengers cast/characters. It would be sweet, but Nolan has definitive visions and one of those was no other characters in his Batman movies. But I couldn’t help myself since reports on “the street” are that Nolan will be helming a new Superman movie!

So what do you guys think? Am I off my rocker or headed down a good path? Do you have a different idea? We’d love to hear them!

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