‘Battleship’ Helps Destroy Your Neighborhood

by on May 10, 2012

in Entertainment

'Battleship' movie poster

No, no, no… This is not a bash on Battleship piece. (One visitor didn’t read past the first paragraph on a previous piece and he tried to rip me a new one…  it was kind of cute.) But what this piece is, is a quick chat about a new viral website that the studio behind Battleship has put together.

The site is called Battleship Shred Your Street.

When you hit up the site, there’s a window to type in an address.

Battleship viral website

Me, I put in an old work address and chose the “No Facebook” button.  It takes a moment to “gather assets” which is something like it goes out and snags some street view data from Google Maps, then when all is ready, the gimmick will interject some preview clips of the shredders and overlay them or intersperse them with images from the address you put in.

To be honest, it’s kind of interesting…  indeed.


But the site is a little rough on your web resources… It locked up my address bar but heck, it’s a minor price to pay to destroy an address.  Right?

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