“Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome:” Does It Have A Future on Syfy?

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It’s been a while since Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome premiered for television audiences on Syfy.  And before that, it premiered online on Machinima Prime’s Youtube Channel.  When it premiered on YouTube, it pulled in a decent number of initial views (3M) and its TV premiere pulled in just over 1 million viewers.

To break it down, over on Machinma Prime, the view tallies from YouTube look like this:

  • “Episode 1:” 3,056,770
  • “Episode 2:” 1,050,733
  • “Episodes 3 & 4:” 1,063,449
  • “Episodes 5&6:” 1,073,374
  • “Episodes 7&8:” 711,472

To be honest, it seems like the typical fall off of ratings, where people pile in to check out something new, then become non-interested.

The numbers aren’t horrible, but neither are they a windfall that will make networks and advertisers drool all over themselves.  But Crave Online chatted with spinoff creator David Eick about the show and the potential plans, if any, for the prequel series.

If you’re curious, there was very little, if any differences in producing the prequel for YouTube versus TV.  That doesn’t surprise me, being as how the show looked pretty good online and TV.  And if you had not guessed it, (though it might have looked a little like it), the show was filmed mostly against green screen.  It was a cost-effective measure.

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As far as plans for the continuation of the series, it all does depend on how the combined set of ratings numbers and Blu-ray sales look to the folks making that decision.  As he put it,

…They would very much like to do more and so would I under the right conditions.

Which I take it to mean, how profitable it could be for all involved, to produce a continuing stories.

As far as any feedback he did hear from Syfy, he said they were pleased with the show.   It seemed to do better than they expected, considering it aired up against the Grammys and The Walking Dead.  He said there was “buzz” for some kind of new installment from the franchise, but nothing solid.  (It could have been just polite spin chatter directed at Eick for all we know.)

Then there are the obvious follow-up questions, like would the next project be another “movie” or a series.  But if they (Eick, et al) were given a green light, they’d have to scramble to create some content, since, as he put it, “It’s still in an embryonic stage and until we know more about what our parameters are going to be.”  Meaning, they don’t have anything put together at the moment.

I don’t know about you, but I sure would enjoy seeing the return of a Battlestar Galactica series to the Syfy network.  The remake (reimagined) version that Ronald D. Moore created was just what the doctor ordered and brought Syfy quite a bit of attention and along with the attention, TV ratings.  This prequel, Blood and Chrome, had the same tone and energy as the Moore version.  It would be fun to follow the adventures of William Adama, seeing how he got to the lofty position of Admiral Adama.

But it all depends on the money sources, the advertisers, if the series had enough of the right numbers between the YouTube views, TV ratings, and if the DVD/Blu-ray sales is decent enough.  It’s a tricky balancing act that the advertisers want to see and if they’ll determine it worthy enough to supply production funds to the project.

I’m no expert in these matters, but I’d hope the decisions are made pretty soon.  This way the same cast could be nabbed for the continuing adventures of William Adama in Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome.  Otherwise, the cast will be moving on and they’ll be recasting roles.  That never sits well with franchise fans, no matter what the franchise.  (Like when a new actress showed up for the Naevia role in Spartacus on Starz.)

For now, we wait.  But my suspicions are this:

It took forever for this newest chapter of BSG to get off the ground, from when we first heard it was going to be a TV-movie pilot, then it faded to a web-series, and then what we did finally get.  The money folks were worried after the “damage” that Caprica did. (Too much in politics, not enough space action.)

It finally got here, but then the numbers on YouTube showed that only 23% of the viewers chimed in for the final episode versus the premiere episode.  Then when Syfy oddly aired it against some huge competition on a Sunday night, at least it pulled in pretty fair numbers.  (If you asked me, I would have played it as one of their Saturday Night “Original” movies.) Well, at least the TV numbers are something.  I guess sales of the home entertainment release could make or break this decision.

But the longer we wait to hear any series development news, the less likely it will be that we’ll see anything else.  And trust me, I’d love to see more Battlestar Galactica.  Wouldn’t you?


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