Bay Area Full-Time Christmas Music Station

by on December 11, 2014

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Movies during Christmas holiday

UPDATED December 2014:

This year KOIT (96.5) is the go-to full-time Christmas music radio station. While KBAY (94.5) is also in full-swing as our Bay Area Christmas music radio station. KOIT seems more to the classics while (when I listened) KBAY was more of a latter era, more modern renditions of the classics. Check it out.

December 2010:

If you’ve ever wanted to fill your days in December with the sounds of holiday / Christmas music, I found a way to do that without spending money on yet another Christmas album from your favorite, just tune into 94.5, KBAY on the FM Dial.

KBAY has set up a 24-hour a day schedule of Christmas music for their listeners.

It is a great range of music from a great range of artists so after a few pieces, you probably will be hearing something you enjoy listening to.

Give it a swing. I think you’ll enjoy the programming.


Speaking about Christmas, I have Christmas shopping on my mind and wondering as the time winds down, what to get some folks in my life. Have you ever thought of Gift Cards? Before you say it, let me just suggest that they may not be as impersonal as you think! If you know someone well enough to know what gift card to get them them, that says something. And folks already have an idea what you spent on stuff you did purchase.

Amazon surprised me when I took a look and found they have oodles of different kinds of gift cards! I’m serious! I may never leave the gift card section again on Amazon.

The cards range from American Express, to eateries like Chili’s, Cheesecake Factory, Subway. You even have movie cards for theaters like AMC & Regal Entertainment movie theaters. Heck, there are even iTunes cards.

As far as I’m concerned there’s a lot of opportunity and variety here so I’ve taken some time to snag a few of these bad boys. Heck, they even have corporate sized gift orders with boxes of 50 cards! You can even snag an Amazon gift card and I have to tell you those are so sweet. I’ve received one in July and when I go to buy stuff there, no money needed! Cha-ching! Purchase made, amount on gift card deducted!

If this seems viable to you, check it out gang. You’ll be helping out everyone involved!

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