Bay Area July 4th 2010 Fireworks and Celebration Events [Consumer]

by on July 3, 2010

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Since I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area region (The Bay Area), one of my bigger stresses has been locating a decent 4th of July fireworks show.  I thought I found a fantastic one last year at Redwood City.  It was down at the water where they really let loose and the area the event took place was a wonderful spot.  You had tons of places to choose from, from amongst the many business parks next to the event.  But I’ve heard they’re not having a fireworks show this year.  Crumbs.

This year, from what I can see, the major fireworks displays will be taking place around the Bay Area at San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose, Mountain View, Richmond & Pleasanton.

The Peninsula

But that is not the end all of events.  Not by a long shot.  I snagged the above links from CBS 5’s webpage of 4th of July Celebrations and Events.  DO CHECK that link out.  It has a ton of information for Bay Area 4th of July fireworks and events!

ABC put together a 4th of July list using Google Maps!  Alcatraz is having some stuff going on that doesn’t involve a break-out!

For the Menlo Park residents, don’t forget the Annual 4th of July Parade to Burgess Park!!!

Have a great and safe 4th of July everyone!

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