Bay Area Law Enforcement Kills More Animals

by on September 28, 2011

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On 9-26-11, police officers responded to a report that two dogs were threatening people in Laurie Meadows Park in San Mateo, CA.

The officers arrived, cornered the dogs, tried to taser one of them.  When that didn’t work, they shot both dogs, killing one of them on the spot.  The second family pet died later.

All before the humane society officer could show up.

It seems to be the going theme these days in the Bay Area.  Last year cops cornered a deer and killed it because it was a threat.  Yep, a threatening deer.  Die Bambi, die!

Earlier this year, they had chased, cornered and trapped a mountain lion an a backyard.  It was growling and hissing, so they shot and killed it.  (Yea, cornered animals taking a defensive posture… go figure.)

Now two family pets were shot, one killed instantly, one died later.

In each case, action was taken before any animal control officer or state game warden could show up because the threat was too real or too imminent.

IT SUCKS TO BE AN ANIMAL IN THIS REGION.  Maybe it’s just that way everywhere, but it seems there are more numerous events here than anywhere else I’ve lived.

The original calls to 911 was that the dogs were “threatening and attacking” people.  This after apparently escaping their yard because of a faulty gate on their property.

It turns out no one had been bitten though they were running around and barking at people.  These were family pets who lived with a small child.  You can see pictures of the man-eaters here:

This is such a bad mix of situations.

If you’re a dog owner, you do need to be extra vigilant.  If you leave them in a yard, you need to test and check your gates and fences.  It’s obvious by this example that their lives depend on your vigilance.  (And believe me, I see way too many lazy animal owners out there.)

I’ve seen a lot of dog owners be rather lax because “Fido won’t do that.”  That’s an idiot opinion.  My dog would never run away from me either.  But she stays on leash, period.  And that’s for many reasons beyond the obvious.

People calling 911 frantically about barking  and threatening dogs.  I get that, to some degree.  If you are not a dog owner, a barking dog can terrify you.  Everyone keys in on the barking.  They never look at the tail to see if it’s wagging or not while they’re barking.  My dog likes to run up to people to say hi.  So I get the terror if you don’t know!   Heck, people sometimes press themselves up against the wall in abject terror when I come through with my very old black lab who can’t walk more than 2 miles an hour.  It’s funny to me, but from a non-dog owner’s perspective, I get the reaction.

Cops shooting everything that’s an animal in sight is getting old.  It doesn’t happen too often so the heat they take for it is intermittent and fades quickly with time.  People are for the most part, a forgetful bunch.

But that’s the way it is here…  it’s an animal, run!  Call the cops.  Then shoot it.

The other day I received a warning email from my county about a mountain lion sighting in the “neighborhood!”  When I checked the location they were indicating, it was basically a sighting of a mountain lion…  in the mountains.

Go figure. A mountain lion in the mountains, next to an open preserve!!!

OMG!!!! What is this world coming to? Everyone, run for the hills!!! WHOA!!! scratch that… run for the flats!!!

Of if you’re an animal, stay out of site, especially if you’re a deer or dog.  You’re prime and dangerous targets for the shooting!  I’m just waiting for the kitten or chihuahua attack article.

They say police aren’t trained to deal with animals, but since they seem to have the final say in killing family pets, maybe they should be.  I’m tired of hearing how the state game warden couldn’t get to a location in time or how the humane society wasn’t fast enough.

‘Nuff said.


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