Being A Vegetarian Means Also Being Careful WHAT Vitamins You Take

by on May 11, 2012

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Consumer news, Consumer alerts and a Consumer's opinionIt’s one thing to decide to become a vegetarian.  You realize that this lifestyle requires a more focused attention to what nutrients one gets.  So one would just think it’s fine to start taking vitamins.  It’s basically what everyone says.

But if you’re vegan or a very, very focused vegetarian and  don’t want to eat the product of your “friends” or cute animals, you might want to know that not all vitamins are vegan or pure vegetarian safe!

The gelatin in some multivitamins comes from cooked bones and organs of animals.  (Or what they might neutrally refer to as as beef and pork by-products.  That’s kind of like when red food dye is noted, but they don’t tell you when specific red food colorings come from crushed bugs.)

It’s bad enough when some friends or family don’t fully understand your decision to be vegetarian, but if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself tricked by regular, every-day products that don’t always stand out as non-vegetarian.

Heck, I’ve even seen things marked like it’s a vegetarian soup and to find out there’s beef broth base or something like that.  Or the Vegetable Spring Role that uses chicken stock.

So the lesson learned here is to not trust the large print of the labels and to take the time to read the ingredients.

If you’re serious enough, you may want to find resources on the web to help out…  I recommend vegan websites, only because they have a much more critical focus on their lifestyle.  They not only do not eat animal products, their lifestyles revolve around not using products created from animals.

Vegans have the focus to understand all facets of being vegetarian, because from what I’m seeing, though vegetarian based websites say you need to take your vitamins, they don’t all seem to selectively point out vitamins that might be vegetarian friendly.




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