‘Being Human’ Season Finale and A Bit about Episode “Dog eat Dog”

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Being Human season 1 finale

The finale of the Syfy channel supernatural drama adaptation of Being Human closed out what I would consider to be a confusing yet successful first season with their season finale. In the finale, titled “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You,” we had confrontations and truth come to be.

Sam Witwer as Aidan in Syfy's Being HumanSPOILERS ARE ABOUND if you haven’t seen the Being Human episode on the Syfy channel yet…



Sam Witwer in 'Being Human'Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) finally faced off. Josh (Sam Huntington) comes clean about being a dog to Nora (Kristen Hager) and Sally (Meaghan Rath) misses going through her door. It was gone.

Throughout the episode we saw glimpses of how Aidan met Josh and how they ended up moving in together. Basically Aidan saved him from a beat down by Marcus.

Bishop challenges Aiden, one final time. That sets deeds in motion all around the episode. Celine begs Aiden to drain her… it’s either death by draining or by cancer.

Josh plots a plan to kick Bishop’s butt, but Sally, looking like she’s in on it, only baits him into trapping him in the hospital cellar.

That’s where Nora finds Josh, but he though he pushes her out the door, she see’s what he becomes once a month.

And much to our surprise, her little package would seem to also turn into a werewolf fetus. That’s going to be one bitch of a pregnancy!

Being Human season 1 finaleAidan dusts Bishop with a little bit of Sally help, Josh talks to Nora, who seems accepting of his condition and Sally and start manipulating matter.

Oh, and when Josh pushed Nora out the door of the hospital cellar, he scratched her.


Sam Huntington in 'Being Human'Some of the impact of the episode that hit me was that once again Aiden had to kill someone. He’s already had to kill the child that Rebecca Flynt made, and then kill her too. To watch him accept the premise of needing to dispatch Celine from her lung cancer hit me pretty hard.

And when Josh completely turned, did you notice the werewolf seemed to know something about Nora… it wasn’t snarling, but looking on. Touching.

All in all, I think the Syfy channel has pulled off quite the win with this new series of Being Human. Two thumbs, or fangs or claws up gang!


Here’s the only part that confounds me… if you’ve seen the original BBC series this is based off of, then nothing here was a surprise really.

It’s followed the story in a nice, loose fashion, but all the events taking place in this season have happened already in a different universe. In the BBC America universe.

Meaghan Rath in 'Being Human'It’s not like we can’t get to the original. If you have cable and get Syfy, you more than likely have the BBC America channel.

Now being that this is something that’s one that I’d rather watch than some other drabble, that makes this show a win-win. I’m still entertained and have something to watch.

But with Nora scratched by Josh, well, nothing new. the pregnancy, I don’t remember that from the original, so that means they are headed off in their own direction with some details. But then I’m pulled back into being depressed about this version because Aiden is now the leader of the vampires in Boston. Nothing new there.

In fact,

If they follow suit, Nora will

[spoiler] leave Aiden to deal with being a werewolf, Aiden will try to convert the gang to “vegetarians,” and they’ll all be killed[/spoiler]

by a religious nut-ball.

But what I’m hoping is that they take the story and actually write their own content that goes off in a different direction, all together. Otherwise, at the end of season 2 or 3, we’ll see Aiden snap and

[spoiler]kill a train full of people and end up getting dusted himself[/spoiler]


Personally, I hope and can’t wait for the show to diverge off into something more original than copying the original. It’s so awesome as it is, I can barely imagine how it could be following its own story path.

BTW: The season finale of Being Human pulled in 1.7 million viewers and was the best finale since Syfy channel’s finale of Battlestar Galactica. [ insidetv.ew.com ]


The other week, the episode that aired on (3/21) of Being Human, called “Dog eat Dog,” touched a soft spot in me when Josh was kidnapped by vampires for werewolf caged fighting. It paralleled a bit too closely to dog fighting… the kind that Michael Vick or DMX (Earl Simmons) were suspected or busted of. Nonetheless, Josh came out out of it OK, but it was an interesting episode that put the viewer in the “shoes” of a dog that is stolen off the street for dog fighting games.

I’m not condemning the episode but rather, saying kudos for writing it well enough to hit me in this way.

It’s estimated that 2 million pets a year are stolen. The reasons for the thefts vary from being stolen for being dog-fight prey, use in puppy mills, or even resale to labs. 2 million. That’s a lot. I always ponder how someone can actually leave their dog tied up outside a store when they go shopping. I could never do that… the risk to my family member feels just to stupid to take. Any way, that’s my thought for the moment.

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