Ben Affleck’s The Town Is A Fantastic Film [A Movie Review]

by on September 17, 2010

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Ben Affleck directing THE TOWN

This movie review about The Town, written & directed by Ben Affleck, is going to be a pretty easy one to pitch.  For once, a movie trailer that looked incredible, delivered.

In short, if there was any sort of short coming in The Town, I missed it.  I’m not a fancy ‘artistic’ critic, I’m a guy that likes movies and I loved this one.  It’s an excellent and engaging movie that does not miss one second in pulling in the viewer, keeping them guessing, and delivering a believable ending when all is said and done.  It’s as simple as that!

The Town is Ben Affleck’s second writing / directorial effort and he proves once again that he was taking serious notes when others directed him and developed an eye for seeing his vision through the camera lens.  (Affleck’s previous directorial effort was Gone Baby Gone. It made just over $21M Worldwide at the box office but is regarded as a great movie.)

The Town starring Ben Affleck

From the get go, this movie sucks you into the scenery and the moment and unlike some movies where you can easily pull yourself out of the moment and be distracted by some flaw, this one doesn’t.

It stars Ben Affleck as the smart & sensitive bank robber, Doug MacRay.  Doug (and the rest hail from Charlestown, a small part of Boston that is known for creating career bank robbers.) Rebecca Hall delivers a wonderful piece as Claire Keesey, the “insurance” and love interest.  Jon Hamm IS the driven FBI Specail Agent Adam Frawley.  Jeremy Renner plays James Coughlin, the hot headed member of the rogue of thieves.  Blake Lively plays, well, Krista Coughlin.  (I am not giving everything away folks.)

The Town with Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner in The Town

Everyone in the cast pulled out their best Boston accents for this movie and pulled off their parts to damn near perfection.

As the movie opens, a bank robbery goes down.  One that is so well researched and studied that it goes down with nary a flaw until James Coughlin decides to take a hostage, Claire, for insurance purposes.  They let her go later but James thinks she’s a liability to the gang and wants to deal with it.  Doug, sensing the building amount of tension in his lifelong friend, takes the task of checking into her to make sure that she’s not a threat.

The Town with Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall in The Town

When Doug and Claire become involved, it only adds to the complexity of the situation as they continue to pull off more jobs.  But as time goes on, Doug knows he wants more from life.  He wants to get away from this lifestyle but as we learn, no one can just leave this “job.”

The complications come from multiple fronts but not so many that it is distracting.  There’s a natural evolution to the story, the problems and the action that is very easy to digest and follow.

The Town with Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm in The Town

John Hamm reminded me very much of Thomas Gibson who plays Aaron Hotchner in Criminal Minds.  If you understand that, you understand the intensity that Hamm brought to the table with this role. In fact, I could see an entire prequel or sequel based on Agent Frawley.

Yet I can’t forget that Affleck’s directing is what pulled me in and made me care about every character.  His style in the shooting of the movie is one where no matter where the scene is, Affleck always tried to capture something about the situation that drove home something significant about that location , scene or moment.  For example, when Doug visits his dad, (Stephen MacRay who is played by Chris Cooper) in prison, the camera finds the excuse to pan through the visitors section and we see a small girl, her mom and a 3rd party visiting an incarcerated visitor.  All at once reminding us of the real victims of a criminal’s behavior, and all at once showing us what could be going on inside of Doug’s head as he visits his father.  Or another scene in a  laundromat, showing us the mundane but necessary chores that take place at that location.

In a word, he’s a wonderful director and writer.  He doesn’t miss a beat and doesn’t distract with unnecessary details.

If you like your crime-drama movies laced with fantastic story, I am pretty sure you’ll love this movie.  I’m giving it a thumbs up from Cinema Static at Brusimm.

Movie trailer for The Town:


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mplo March 13, 2012 at 5:43 pm

I disagree with this review of “The Town”. It’s an overrated soap-opera that masquerades as a regular movie, imho.

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