BETTER CALL SAUL Premiere Date Announced

by on November 24, 2014

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AMC announced that the Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul will premiere on Sunday, February 8th.


The second episode of the series will air the very next night, on Monday, Feb 9th, where Monday will be its regular night. Which to me, seems odd. But most of their heavy hitter shows are on Sunday night, so I am guessing that Monday is their next best night?

Any how, Better Call Saul takes place six years prior to the events in Breaking Bad, and will star Bob Odenkirk as the ever loving little swindling Saul Goodman.

I’m sure that the prequel will be pretty decent, but I do worry a little bit about it. In many shows there is always this one popular character that everyone loves, and every now and then, that character gets a spinoff. But to be honest, how many character spinoffs have worked? Off the top of my head, none. Sure, some might, but mostly, none.

With this prequel spinoff, part of what has me worried was that the original premiere date for the show was postponed by a season because production was halted early on and the team behind the show restarted off on their story again. Or restarted the writing or production.

That had me wondering what is up? Why a re-do? And is this newer version just as good or better? Plus, taking place six years previous, we will be following the shady lawyer that makes weddings between relatives legal, well, how much do you think we can take of a shady lawyer’s life?

I presume we’ll be fine, considering that Vince Gilligan, the man who so brilliantly portrayed the evolution of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, is once again helming this “Bad” universe set of characters.

So we will see. I hate predicting. Too many variables. But Gilligan has not failed his fans yet, so…

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