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by on March 25, 2015

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Better Call Saul promo artThis week’s latest episode of Better Call Saul, “Rico,” was yet another exceptionally entertaining 40 minutes from Vince Gilligan.

Gilligan knows how to deliver scenics and silence, all while still telling the story without the words. It’s almost magical. And the whether the scenics are in a room, looking through some parking lot posts and a parking attendant’s booth or just looking out over the desert or the city, Gilligan always has something to say with those vistas.

I wasn’t sure how the story was going to go with Better Call Saul (Bob Odenkirk). I was worried about old characters looking young in a bad way or how much evil lawyer we were going to have to put up with. Yet Gilligan has pulled one out with his portrayal of Jimmy and his good days.

We learned last night how Jimmy got his law degree. We’ve learned about his brother, Chuck McGill (Michael McKean) and his unique medical condition. I love how he recognizes his issues and how Jimmy is dedicated to his brother and getting him involved so much that sometimes he forgets about his “allergies!” I loved Gilligan’s portrayal of Chuck’s experience a few episodes ago of how he must have felt when he woke up in the hospital surrounded by electronics. And did anyone take note that despite his curious ailment, he was able to distinctly identify that his doctor had a small electronic device in her pocket? Yep… just enough doubt was delivered to the television viewer to make you wonder just how real his condition might be.

Along this short journey, we also learned that despite being a shoe box lawyer living out of a back room of a nail salon, he has balls and steps up when needed.

I think the meat and potatoes of the show, despite pulling for Jimmy and his surprisingly honest struggle to become a big-time lawyer, is Mike Ehrmantraut’s (Jonathan Banks) story. Or to television viewers like us, his back-story.

It’s good to see that tough man Mike has a soft inner soul tinted with tough.

But as this all too short season starts to come to a close, I am starting to formulate a theory about Saul’s… I mean Jimmy’s fall from the “well meaning” career climb.

I am starting to suspect that Mike may be a strong contributing factor to Jimmy turning into Saul, despite a rough and tough client or two that Jimmy ends up serving. Jimmy is struggling valiantly to do the right thing and yet we know where he ends up.

As far as I am concerned, like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is yet another brilliant concoction of Gilligan’s. THANK YOU Mr. Gilligan, you have given us yet one more show that makes television worth watching and keeping in our living rooms.

My only nit is that Sons of Anarchy spoiled the crap out of me. I was completely loving the 70 to 90 minute long episodes of SOA and I find my mind wandering to that idea, wishing that AMC would break out of its mold and let us have more than 42 minutes of entertainment.

Be it as it may, there was just enough faith by AMC in the series to only give it a 10-episode order, and an entire two seasons of Saul, but shortened seasons. At least season two looks like it has 13 episodes in it.

Right now we have two episodes left, one titled “Pimento” and the next (and season finale), “Marco.” And as we all know, despite the titles not making sense right now, they make complete sense once an episode ends.


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