Beware Fake Charities During National Disasters

by on May 21, 2013

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During the Boston Marathon horror, it didn’t take long for the despicable element of our society to pop up with fake charities. When people need the help, and good people around the nation step up to lend their support, the last thing we need are terrible trolls on our society stealing money for those who need it.

Once again, another tragedy has taken place, this time in Oklahoma. And I’m sure that the evil-doers are revving up once again to scam people out of money.


Let’s take a quick look at how to avoid providing money to the fake charities.

Fakers will pretend they have an existing relationship with you. If you’re a frequent donator, double check your past interactions.

Beware of unsolicited text messages. Unsolicited is the keyword here.

First, there’s the obvious major and well known charities, like

Red Cross,
United Way,
Salvation Army,
and more.

If you’re compelled via a pitch, you should go check and/or to double check the charity.

Legitimate charities will never pressure or rush you to donate.

Don’t believe the domain name. I could go out and get 100’s of domains with keywords or names in it.

So be careful, and go out and help those in this time of need.

(To be honest, you don’t need an active disaster to send a few bucks to an organization of your choice. Off on the right side bar of the site are a few cancer donation links too. There’s always someone in need, in some way. If you are doing OK, you should send some appreciation for your good fate to a charity. If you’ve read my site, you know that I say that even a single dollar can help any cause. No amount is too little.)

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