Beware of SOPA, Despite Its Intent

by on January 11, 2012

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Consumer Bits on Brusimm 200w logo, [Consumer News, advice and reviews]It seems that of all the “social” circles I travel, I seem to be seeing nothing but bad news or poor opinions of this SOPA act.

SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. Its intent is to protect copyrights and defeat copyright infringements. IE: Those internet movie pirates that believe they’re entitled to steal content without paying for it.

So the premise is to protect the major players of the entertainment industry.

But it would seem that the way it was written, there are catches that seem, per so many perspectives being made on the web, to threaten even the smallest web entrepeneur… you.

The concerns are that websites can be shut down, even if you’ve done nothing wrong yourself. IE: A site visitor leaves a comment with a link out to something… BAM, your site is done!

(Suggestion: I have this site set up to not allow links in comments. They all have to be approved.)

Another concern is that, like gun control, there’s no real power against the real content pirates out there. This is because sites are going to be blocked by entire domain names, not the real IP addresses that commit the crime.

The good guy will be getting the short end of the stick and those who say, post a video of yourself singing someone else’s song, can become the victim of this act because you singing a Lady Gaga song in your video, could be deemed copyright infringement.

SOPA will also be having domain names are handled, and this could open up security loopholes.

The largest online tech companies are against it… Amongst those are sites like Google, Facebook, PayPal, Wikipedia, Twitter, & Amazon.

They’re even considering an Internet Blackout day, and the suggested date, if they do this, could be on January 23rd. The day before congress votes on this SOPA act. (That’s conjecture right now.)

In fact the other companies support the OPEN act (Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade (OPEN) Act).


Now be it as it may, it’s because of online pirates and their pirating ways that the movie and music industries are all agog about this act. They want those extra estimated millions and billions. The movie industry is seeing more monies than ever in certain categories and certain home entertainment markets are starting to set their own records.

But we still have torrent sites and the users that use them illicetly, to blame, if this SOPA act comes into being.

This was food for thought, and I’m reflecting what I’m seeing out there on the ‘net. My personally, I get where the SOPA plan is coming from, but I think some folks concerns have some merit. Though they do seem extreme, the issues are possible if this beast comes into being.

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