Big Brother 12 Premiere Night – A Quick Recap

by on July 8, 2010

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Big Brother 2010 House guests

The cast of Big Brother 12 was introduced 1 at a time and they are an interesting bunch as always. Everyone is just about perfect looking or have attributes that are serious distractions to any kind of focus, whether viewers are male or female. And a few of them are going to play it smart and not reveal what they really do! Now if they stick to their game plan, it will work, but I’ve never seen anyone stick to their guns with these kind of plans before.

Everyone went into the house for the first time in small groups and did the usual scramble. And dude, so what if you’re a Mensa member. It means you passed a Mensa test. Let it go!

CBS also let the house guests know about the one contestant amongst them that is a saboteur. Pretty upfront. I thought they’d keep it secret and let the guests hack it out themselves for a bit while the evil resident did evil deeds.

Big Brother on CBS

Being only an hour premiere, Big Brother 12 got right to it and had their first HoH (Head of Household) competition.

Wacky contest… hang onto a giant hotdog covered in ketchup and mustard and slide across a space in the back yard to get across. Last one across on the team that finishes the crossing challenge first becomes HoH. (Hope that made sense. I wasn’t completely focusing when they described the winning process I went “Huh?”)

Britney injured her knee when she fell off her giant hot dog.

Hayden nailed the 1st HoH contest. It seemed slightly stacked towards taller, stronger people, but it is what it is.

After the Hoh contest, the lights went out and suddenly the food room was padlocked shut! The saboteur appears to have struck!

And that, was your first hour of Big Brother 12!

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