‘Big Brother 13’ Season Finale, And the Winner Is…

by on September 14, 2011

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Big Brother 13Hey gang, I’m pretty pressed for time here so this is going to he short and sweet and to the point on this micro quick recap of the reality TV show, Big Brother 13. Or more succinctly put, I’m going to be SEO literate, I’ll try to get in the prereuisite 300 words that all website articles should be. One… two… three… hmm, that might get boring. For both of us.

Tonight we got to see who won the third Big Brother HoH competition… with Rachel Reilly having won the first round, and Porsche Briggs winning the second round, this left Adam Poch out in the cold. But he started revving up his game and playing the girls.

He made promises to Rachel and played some pretty crafty mind games with Porsche.

To Rachel, he promised his vote. To Porsche he said she had a lot to think about if she won the Big Brother HoH competition because his will probably be the deciding vote. He never really said which way that deciding vote would go.

Is this boy getting crafty late in the game or what?

So here’s how it went down tonight in the Big Brother house:

First, Rachel won the round against Porsche. Nice… this household I’m in wasn’t a fan of her game.

Then Rachel, despite what I was hoping for, made what I can only surmise was her smart choice, and evicted Adam. Face it, Rachel brought game to this Big Brother season like we’ve never really seen of anyone before.

Porsche brought, well, her jammies and apparently napped a lot until the last few weeks.

With Adam out, (BTW, congrats to Adam Poch for all that he’s accomplished. That’s big for the 90210/Tori Spelling/Big Brother fan.), it came down to a jury vote for the red-headed fiery Rachel or the attempted smoothness of the blonde, Porsche.

(Hmm, am I at 300 words yet? Yes! 300 at the “yes!”)

The jury recognized good game play when they saw it and from the humble and rough start where she found herself crying us a river in the first few episodes, to the angry, spirited, Rachel won this summer reality TV series of Big Brother, their 13th season.

Congrats to Rachel Reilly for winning Big Brother 13.

And in the perfect ending to the summer, Jeff won the “America’s Favorite House Guest” vote, and snagged the $25k associated with it.

This closes another chapter of CBS’s Big Brother. See ya later!

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Glenda September 20, 2011 at 4:37 pm

I think it would be nice to have all the cast be the age 40 years or older…. Give the middle age a chance to win some money they are in need as well… I agree DO NOT bring Rachel or Brendon back on we had enough of them….

Bruce Simmons September 14, 2011 at 9:01 pm

I agree with you Roll Dog… the veterans were a bit cocky. But I think anyone to have sort of chance in the game needs a certain streak of bravado and dare. I didn’t mind Jeff as much as I did Brachel. Jeff had a certain amount of logic one might get from a drill sargeant… arrogantly delivered, but it made sense. (At least for him.)

Roll Dog September 14, 2011 at 8:56 pm

I am glad that Jordan and Rachel were not the last two standing. I was thinking of Jordan saying that Daniele would have to give them a paycheck anyway.

I hope not to see Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan again on Big Brother. They may be nice and favorable but truly they are arrogant. They won. I don’t want to see them again.

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