Big Brother 13 TV Review: Does Rachel Pull The Trigger? [8-31-11]

by on August 31, 2011

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Big Brother 13 TV Review: Rachel Needs A Win

Up until now in Big Brother 13, we’ve seen Daniele Donato manipulate that gang, Jeff almost wrangle the herd to his liking and we’ve seen a lot of, I mean a lot of Rachel crocodile tears for every time something didn’t go her way.   But the other week, when Jeff was ejected from the house, we had a huge cry-fest when both Jordan and Rachel had to commiserate with each when Shelly pulled the rug out from under them when she turned to the… dark side.

The players left in the game are Rachel, Jordan, Shelly, Adam, Porsche and Kalia.

Porsche is now regretting having opened Big Brother‘s Pandora’s Box because of what it has now put into place.  It made it possible that now, whoever wins the veto, if Jordan or Rachel win, they are both safe and removed from the nomination seat.

Nice!  But I’m watching this Shelly / Porsche / Kalia / Adam alliance, plotting that all they need to do any of the four of them needs to win the power of veto contest.

Is it me or is Rachel seeming to be the positive minded player this week?  Who is this girl?

So then Jordan and Rachel hit up the HoH room and while they were wheeling and dealing, Jordan sounds like a mini-Jeff!  And during the episode Jordan is blowing off Shelly, no matter what Shelly tries to do and Shelly is all miffed that since she double-crossed Jordan, Jordan won’t talk to her.  Go figure!

Veto Contest

The veto contest involves contestants hanging onto dummies prepped up to look like previous house-guests.  Surprisingly, (not!), a few minutes in Adam starts to slip and at the 4:38 minute mark, he dropped.

Gotta admit, I love Adam’s tee-shirts.  One of this week’s tee-shirts said “I put bacon om my bacon.”

Jordan fell second and Adam is starting to chum up to Jordan a little.  Dang dude, you are so obvious.  Shelly fell next.  Then Porsche.  Surprisingly, Kalia is next to last in this competition.  And then Kalia let go, and Rachel won the Power of Veto competition.

Now the house guests is nervous.  Hehe.  As far as I’m concerned, Shelly being the turncoat, dissing Jeff and Jordan, I’d like to see her go, but that’s just me.

Kalia and Porsche are plotting to get Jordan to dump Rachel.  Gotta wonder, if Jordan and Rachel make it to the final two, who would every vote to win?  Later on in the episode, Jordan and Shelly came to common ground of communication finally.  (That doesn’t take Shelly off my *! list!)

Now Shelly is playing nice to Jor-Rach but she’s really planning her moves out to make it to the final three.

And that’s how we head out into the next episode of Big Brother 13!  I can totally see Rachel falling for Shelly’s new pitch, but will Jordan be able to keep her on the focused path of evicting Shelly?

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