Big Brother 14 Season Finale Winner (Psst: Big Brother Renewed for 2013)

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Big Brother 14 season finale winner recap

The season finale episode of Big Brother 14 starts off with a mini recap and we jump right into stage 1 of the 3-part HoH contest. Ian drops out quickly, and Dan starts pitching Danielle. Dan asks Ian for some private time with Danielle and away he goes. And he does talk her out of it and she throws the first round.

Dan convinced two people to drop out of the first round for him and he never ceases to amaze me that he can tweak people into doing things for him.

Next up, Danielle and Ian face off. But before that, Dan plots with Danielle on how to get her to the final two with himself.

The 2nd round of the contest is a physical challenge combined with a memory test. This looks like an impressive challenge. And the Big Brother house guest who completed this task faster was Ian.

Now the staged argument that Dan and Danielle had coordinated together takes place, but Ian may not be reacting as Dan had anticipated to the spat with Danielle.

In the Jury House, Shane shows up and the gang chats virtues of the final three. LOL.

Now it’s Ian vs. Dan. Ian took the points lead in this quiz by round 3 and extends that lead by 2 in round 4. By 3 in round 5.

Ian becomes the FINAL Big Brother Head of Household.

And what does Ian do? He evicts Danielle and Danielle is the last victim to be evicted via Dan’s sneaky forked tongue! I mean, how many times did the girl get shredded by Dan?

Live Thought: This looks like it could be Dan’s game due to how he played everyone like flutes… and when Dani watches the tapes of the season, she’s going to kill someone or something!

What a season and a masterful wrangling of every single house guest in the house by Dan.

During the Jury Questions it came out that Dan stabbed everyone in the back and Ian became visibly upset.

During their last pitches/speeches, Ian pointed out his positive approach to getting there sitting next to Dan. Then Dan pitched his despicable approach to getting there and how he HAD to play it that way. As he sits there next to the guy who nearly played the polar opposite of him. (No, Ian’s hands aren’t clean either, but he wasn’t as “busy” as Dan was.)

Live Thought: I feel like this will be a close vote, at least from looking at the body English with the jury. Danielle was looking extremely miffed. (Update… guess I was off on the close vote part!)

During the votes, the last vote cast by Danielle, she said the only reason she’s voting for who she’s voting for is so she can keep her word. (I’m serious, she exhibits the abused role very well. It scares me.)

Live Thought: I’m pulling for the kid with the more honest approach.

The Votes

Danielle*: Dan
Shane: Ian
Jenn: Ian
Joe: Ian
Frank: Ian
*Despite being lied to and used repeatedly, Danielle still voted for Dan. I am stunned.

Britney and Ashley both also voted for Ian. (Dan’s backstabbing ways did not work for him, but it did get him the $50k runner-up spot.

Big Brother 14 winner Ian

IAN, the Super Fan, wins Big Brother 14.

Big Brother fans voted Frank for the $25k America’s Favorite House Guest bonus and CBS renewed the show for a return in the 2013 season.

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