Bigfoot – Real, Fake or Funny? [Thoughts]

by on January 18, 2010

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The other day I became obsessed with trying to find a video on a Yeti from an old show. I wanted to show it to someone. I remember the video vividly where a research man had climbed the Himilaya’s and was looking for the creature in the distance.

I remember the scene locked on a rock-filled snowy hillside and after sometime, one of the “rocks” stood up and ran off. You never knew what you were looking at until it ran off. That really creeped me out. (And sadly, it was a damn dramatization.)

While looking for this footage on YouTube… I did find a few interesting clips.

What got this entire Bigfoot / Yeti craze going was a bit of film that’s been referred to as the Wright / Patterson Bigfoot Film, a bit that was taped up near Willow Creek, CA.

It’s fascinating to say the least.

Here’s part 1 of the 2 parts of the Discovery Channel bit:

and part 2:

But the proof is in the pudding!

In a humorous interpretation, the proof that the Yeti does not exist is given here, in this Search and Rescue organization’s television commercial.

A bit creepy, a bit fun, and well, you’ll see:

It’s all in fun now, isn’t it?

I have to say as a youth, I researched every bit of news and evidence that I could come across about Bigfoot. I developed some ideas and outlines on the subject that I’ll touch on in a later article, but there was one thing that really stuck out to me and my wall map with all the push pins in it, signifying spottings: That over the years, the spottings and where they were taking place, were migrating northward. Up from the extreme northern part of California and through Oregon and Washington.

What does that say? Eh, your guess is as good as mine on that one! I thought if sightings actually correlated to the creature, then they were slowly moving north and away from civilization. But really, what it signified was that more and more people, patterning out into a northward sense of bravery, were reporting it.

More later.

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