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by on December 4, 2014

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WordTwitPro by BraveNewCode

WordTwit Pro Is No More, Stay On Top Of Your Apps!

Bloggers employ various kinds of tools to help them distribute their content to their website subscribers or followers. There are hundreds of options, some great, some not. If you do your research, you end up with good tools supporting your efforts.

But when you use tools, you need to do a few things once you install them. Namely, stay on top of developments of your tools, and double check to make sure it is working.

Case in point (Keep in mind, this situation IS on me):

The one thing I hate more than most things, is when you completely trust a product you have purchased and then to find out that after almost 300 posts the app or plugin had stopped working.

That is what has happened with my WordTwit Pro plugin. I’ve been trusting it to work and apparently the reason I am not getting a ton of traffic from it, is because it has failed. And it failed quite some time ago apparently.

It seems that the automated part of the plugin had quit about 150 articles ago, or January.

On a sad piece of this equation, at least my personal Twitter account has been getting updated by the FREE app I use.

OK, now that I have that out of the way, after some research on why my paid product failed, it seemed that the plugin had issues with a change up of API code on Twitter’s side, and after that, the paid version transformed into a free version.

I was livid at first and for some stupid reason I thought that paid customers would be apprised of these kinds of changes.

I don’t remember getting any email addressing this process that impacts a part of my livelihood. But I can’t say for sure. I can’t imagine they didn’t send out a communication to the paid customers of BraveNewCode.


The bottom line is that I missed this major change to a product I had paid for, did not stay on top of my product’s performance and I had paid for it over the last few months.

I reinstalled the free version called WordTwit and no longer expect any kind of informational support from the author.

I made the mistake of trusting a service to work and paid some form of nominal price.

Learn from other folks goofs so you don’t go through it yourself!

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