Boardwalk Empire 3rd Season Finale Review – That Was Allot of Shooting!

by on December 2, 2012

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Boardwalk Empire third season finale

The third season  of Boardwalk Empire was a rough one for Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi).  But it was a great build up to this great season finale of the HBO series.


Nucky started to slowly lose power as one facet after another of his life started taking hits. Him and his wife are on the outs, his entire power structure had collapsed, his actress girlfriend (Meg Chambers Steedle) is went in new directions, aka, died in an explosion, his “man-servant” even took one for the man, all the while enduring the pressure that the insane mobster (Bobby Cannavale) brought down on Nucky!

Having watched the entire season, the ending was appropriate for the build up of tension throughout the season. And the season finale of Boardwalk Empire was a cleansing episode of sorts. IN a big way.

Bobby Cannavale in Boardwalk Empire

When all was said and done… it was a beautiful thing though I wasn’t sure if Nucky was going to actually get through this.

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In the end, the mob crew supporting that crazy & ballsy Gyp Rosetti was pulled out from under him and at the same time, Richard Harrow (Jack Huston) showed up and mopped the place up of the remaining boys of Rosetti’s. Taking the child out of that environment.

That house being that of that crazy woman, Gillian Darmody (Gretchen Mol). She had tried to trick Rosetti and drug him, but he turned the tables and spiked her up instead. Last we saw her, she was pretty wasted. I presume she’ll survive beyond the moment.

For a while, I thought that Nucky’s new army of Chalky White’s (Michael Kenneth Williams) & Al Capone’s (Stephen Graham) guys were living under a blanket of high-tension, but alas, they “worked that out of their systems.”

Is that Nucky and his brother, Elias ‘Eli’ Thompson (Shea Whigham) starting to see eye-to-eye and reconnecting once again? Despite the differences between them, I think they’re coming together once again is a good thing.

Steve Buscemi in Boardwalk Empire

Blood is thicker than water. Regardless.

And in the end, after getting an abortion, Margaret Thompson’s (Kelly Macdonald) last chat with Nucky left me wondering where exactly they’ll end up. She seems bent on going her own way but I don’t know for sure what she’ll do.

This was a great season as we watched Nucky get torn down, and watching how when “stuff” hits the fans, folks he thought were friends or allies quietly backed away to see what would come of Nucky’s predicament.

And then to see who Nucky’s real friends were, stepping up, making plans and watching the rising of the phoenix, so to speak. (Though Nucky’s two sets of friends aren’t likely to ever hang out at dinner together.)

And having been a Buscemi fan for many years, he delivered wonderfully once again this season.  But where do they go from here?  We’ll see now, won’t we.  HBO renewed Boardwalk Empire early on in season three, so they’ve had time to plan and plot how to torment fans.

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