‘Bones’ Spin-Off Lands Lead Role Actor in Geoff Stults

by on January 29, 2011

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It was announced Friday that Geoff Stults landed the lead role in the Bones spin-off for their adaptation of “The Locator.”  Stultz joins the already cast Michael Clarke Duncan in the Bones spin-off about a man with the skills to find just about anything.

You might remember Geoff Stults from his role of Ben Kinkirk in 7th Heaven.  Or from Reunion, October Road, or Happy Town.  If you’re not a TV watcher, then you may have caught him in Wedding Crashers or She’s Out of My League or I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell on the silver screen.

Geoff Stults

Did you know that Geoff Stults’ first credited role in IMDb was a single episode of Everybody Loves Raymond back in 2000 as a mailman?  He had a few more one-up appearances in 2000 before landing his role in 7th Heaven in 2001 and stayed with the show until 2006.  About a year after that, he then had a recurring role for a season in October Road and landed a another recurring role in 2010 in Happy Town.

Mr. Stults role is the main character in the spin-off, Walter Sherman, a former Military Police officer who has a talent for “finding anything.”  We’ll be seeing the episode that launches the spin-off as the 19th episode of Bones.

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