Book Review, AFTER THE CURE, by Deirdre Gould

by on February 17, 2016

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After the Cure book review

After The Cure is a post-apocalyptic story written by Deirdre Gould. In this particular story I finally found a new twist of sorts in how humanity failed while being told this tale in a seemingly different style than most writers practice.

Imagine if you will a deadly virus that removes your predatory filters, making every thing you see something to be eaten. Everything, including your own arms, legs, fingers, family members… everything.

Now imagine this virus that causes this, is something that takes weeks upon weeks to incubate. Imagine how many people can get infected when it takes months to manifest itself?

Yep, Gould figured out how to make a virus take over the world and do the maximum damage before we even had a chance to protect from it. Gould figured out how to explain this in terms that we would not only understand but explain it without a mysterious explanation, how humanity could succumb to this state of affairs.

And thus, this story picks up after a man-made plague kicks in and we see the aftermath as a cure is found and handed out.

The bulk of the story takes place after the cure is found and society is barely starting to rebuild itself. How Gould tells the story is a fascinating style.

Rather than spelling out what happened on the fly, reading the story is like meeting a new friend, getting put into a rental car and learning how the car works while driving down the road at the same time that you are getting to know your new friend.

That’s how Gould tells the story. We step right into the narrative and add the elements of how they got there through conversation and events. We’re dealing with the aftermath and cleanup and how people are reacting to the event they’ve just experienced.

At first you’re wondering when the hell he’ll get around to giving us the details, but they come. In due time. I liken it to when you meet someone… the first words out of your mouth aren’t about how horrible your life is, or what not. They’re going to be pleasantries passing the time until you’re comfortable with someone.

All in all, the telling of the story keeps you reading along to watch how our primary characters evolve within themselves and each other. I don’t normally gravitate to this style of story telling, but the farther I read on in the story the more engaged I became.

This book is the first in a series but it wasn’t left in such a state that we have to rush right out and buy the next one, but rather, in closing we were introduced to one moment that we know, will lead into the next book, if we so choose to continue reading the series.

To be honest, I love when a series gives you an option rather being forced to buy a book to finish an act or deed. I hate having to get a subsequent book in a series to find out of Johnny hit his head after tripping or what not.

I appreciate that.

Over on Amazon, this book has a 4.3/5 stars rating and as far as I’m concerned, it’s worth the time you spend reading it and escaping into yet one more post-apocalyptic world.

The first book’s Kindle edition, as of today, is free. So all you are investing is time. On Amazon: After the Cure.

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