Book Review, HANDRO, by Travis Mohrman

by on December 14, 2015

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Reading the tale of Handro is a fairly smooth read, nothing too technical nor too simple, but just right, like a good mattress.

It is like reading about the classic hero character who has a bit of a journey with mystery, intrigue and outright confrontation once he gets to it. As a child I loved reading the Tarzan series of novels. He embodied the perfect hero. I think Handro could fill that spot in this modern day era of stories.

The world that Handro exists in is familiar and yet, is not. (Maybe that’s better explained in the book series this character exists in, but for now, I’m enjoying the mystery of the time and/or location.)

I enjoyed the book as a fun quick read and even though it’s a fourth book in a series, it is written to stand alone, and it does that well.

Travis’s Author Page on Amazon

The pitch for the book reads as follows:

Centuries after a civilization-ending event, the world is a very different place. Handro’s life has not been easy, and while he has people that care about him, he keeps his distance, forever searching for something he doesn’t realize he desperately needs.

But Handro may have gone too far as he sets out on a new path that quickly grows dark and twisted. Confronted with madness and betrayal, Handro finds facing his own mortality may be easier than traveling the unexplored landscape within his soul.

While HANDRO is a tale of post-apocalyptic fiction, the survival skills employed are indeed real. Hopefully, Reader, you will never have to use them.”

If classic action in the world of nature is an appealing story line to you, then this actioner from Mohrman is the book for you.

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