Book Review, MAELSTROM by Peter Cawdron

by on September 4, 2017

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Maelstrom by Peter Cawdron, A book review

The teaser for Maelstrom, by Peter Cawdron reads as follows:

“Tunguska, Roswell, the Bermuda Triangle, the Mary Celeste… For hundreds of years, the danger posed by colliding worlds has been ignored as a crackpot theory, until now, and now it’s too late.

Maelstrom contains three novellas set in the Colliding Worlds universe (Collision, Impact and the conclusion, Maelstrom). Collision was commissioned by Vanquish Motion Pictures for possible development in film or on television.”

Maelstrom on Amazon.

Even though I’ve enjoyed many of Cawdron’s books, it’s been a while since I picked up a book by Peter Cawdron and I am glad a snagged this dinosaur stomping time adventure! Or… is it a parallel world adventure?

Books by Peter Cawdron.

Maelstrom starts out as a curious medical mystery of a sorts in a hospital in China, where an odd, large mute of a man is trying to get medical help for what would appear to be his father. But without words, and a closed-minded perspective about “his people” from the locals, it’s a brawl that breaks out instead, with local security and hospital guards being littered all over the lobby.

Until one doctor steps up with compassion and understanding, and helps this “man” with the medical needs of his father. But this doctor sees beyond the obvious and takes note that this is no regular “man,” and after some tests and deduction, realizes she is looking at an amazing scientific curiosity, a man out of time.

During the first act (novella), the discovery and mystery that comes with the telling is a wonderful journey of discovery, and as it comes to a close, we’re presented with another amazing discovery. Almost too fantastic of a discovery.

But then the second act we’re introduced to a cop and a paramedic who just happened to be in proximity to each other when something fantastic and dangerous occurs.

And through events in the second act, we come nearly full-circle as our characters from both acts one and two converge upon the problem.

Maelstrom was one of those reading experiences that drew me in and I could not truly put down. That last act sucked me in to the point where my normal reading patterns got messed up and I polished it off in a state of anticipation. And I was not disappointed.

If you like, good, honest, hard science fiction, Peter Cawdron is your man. He just doesn’t spit out theoretical premises as fact, but he pulls together his writing and applies actual science to the things he writes about.

Reading a Cawdron novel is akin to a fun learning experience. If you like solid science fiction, Peter Cawdron’s collection of writing is something you should look into.

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