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by on December 22, 2013

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Atopia Chronicles book review from Brusimm

Atopia Chronicles is a compilation of stories by author Matthew Mather, of a future that seems wonderful and evil, all at once.

Atopia Chronicles takes place many years after the events in Cyberstorm, and the collective of short stories presented in Chronicles are great little stand-alone shorts, but put together, tells a curious and compelling tale of our potential future.  With all the right technology.

It is said in the forward that the six stories all start at the same time and over time they come together to tell the final story in a surprising and impressive finale of various events around Atopia.

Imagine if you will, a life where the 7-day week is no longer a time restriction on your life.  Where you can get everything you want to, and need to get done, all within the way too short 24-hour, 7-day week.


By using a synthetic reality or a tech that allows you to be in more than one place at once.  That’s what we experience in Atopia.  A place where we’ve learned how to get more done than we’d ever dream possible, while still being able to enjoy our lives.  A place where we can send digital splinters of ourselves to those boring meetings while sitting on a beach in Hawaii.Yep, that’s Atopia for ya.

Mather hooked me with the first story, a tale about a woman annoyed with everything around her, including the little details of things life itself. So she uses this new tech to start blocking things from her life.  And she gets a little too enthusiastic using the tech.

You’ll see what I mean if you read Atopia.

The first story introduces the simplest concept of the technology and each subsequent story delves deeper into the tech, making it a rather digestible theory while making it a potentially envious living scenario.

Alas, there is so much to the underpinnings of the story, but they come out with the subsequent chapters.

Though this collection of stories is related to Cyberstorm, you do not need to have read it. (But I highly recommend it.  It’s a great and fun read)  The connection is subtle but there.

This collective of stories from Atopia Chronicles could easily be much shorter, but Mather delivers a lot of detail about his characters as we meet them during their tale.  These details give readers a very rich understanding of everyone they meet.  Sometimes, too much of an understanding.  (You’ll get that as you meet a few characters.)

At first, you think the tech is the coolest, but as time goes on, well, all roses have their thorns.  This we all learn.

Be it as it may, for me, the book was fun to start with and only got better with each successive tale.  The final tale was the awesome payout for the readers journey.  A journey you only think you know you’re on.

If you like anything by Mather, and you like your stories and characters seriously fleshed out, you’ll love Atopia Chronicles.

If you’re interested in checking it out or more user reviews, an Amazon link:  Complete Atopia Chronicles (Volume 1).

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