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by on November 30, 2011

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In this book review of Michael Crichton‘s book titled Prey, I have to say that it’s quite the story of mystery, intrigue, science and horror, all wrapped up into what could be called a fundamentally decent, suspenseful science lesson!

PREY by Michael Crichton

Prey is about the advancement of nano technology and the incredible potential it can represent. But this story represents the down side of technology and what happens if we get too excited about the potential and rush the advancement.

This story is about Jack Forman, who used to be the leading computer programmer of simulated animal behavior. Specifically of predator behavioral patterns. But he became a whistle-blower and found himself on the outside of the industry, looking in.

I know that doesn’t sound too much like something technological, but if you think about animal behavior – herd learning, actions and flocking, emergent behavior and apply this kind of logic to a computer program, well you’ve got something special. Unless that something special latches onto an autonomous, free-ranging device and is allowed to learn on its own.

The story starts with Jack Forman looking for a job, while his wife, who is in charge of a company who is on the leading edge of nano technology, starts to act weird. Odd hours, irrational behavior and bailing on her family at times. After some personal developments that make Jack worry about his wife, he suddenly finds himself being given an opportunity to help his wife’s company with a problem they’re having, and it has to do with his predatory computer program.

Yea… if you’re adding up one and one, you are getting the correct sum!

But it’s a nasty sum as a swarm of self-replicating and self-teaching nanobots are on the loose.

Crichton’s Prey develops slowly and suspenseful, and along the way, Crichton has a way of describing not only the story, but the technology he writes about, in a simple enough fashion to make it understandable.

The story moves a bit slow because this tech is something that isn’t as easy to describe in a few sentences. And at different stages of the story, we need to understand more and more about what’s driving the swarm. And with each revelation, the story keeps you wondering what you, the reader will find at the end of this particular tunnel. You know what’s coming… but you’re not sure. Things happen that seem obvious, but sometimes, they aren’t.

Prey by Michael Crichton; on Amazon

In the end, Prey from Michael Crichton is a bit slow, but fun read with a sufficient amount of suspense to keep it fun between the science.

If you like science-based stories spelled out just easy enough to grasp, I think you will not only enjoy this story, but you may even find yourself learning about things in Prey that could get you interested in a new career path!

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