Book Review of ‘The Road to Hell’ by Peter Cawdron

by on July 26, 2013

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Peter Cawdron is the man behind Anomaly, Monsters and other great books.  This time around, he’s left the outer cosmos of space behind (Or out in orbit) and tackled a futuristic Earth and a classic suspense “who-done-it” thriller called The Road to Hell.  And you will be surprised by who did “done” it!

To be honest, Peter hits a nerve with this who-done-it, because the murder victim ends up getting back up and disappearing.

Book review of Peter Cawdron's Road to HellIn the opening act, we watch a manhunt of an unusual suspect, with an unusual bait.  This stake out doesn’t go as planned but our appetite has been whet with what develops.

Oh, did I mention short term time travel?  Well, that’s another detail for you to ponder.

We meet a private investigator named Harrison, who ends up meeting a girl named Susan.  Not that this was the standard meeting.  She shows up at his office, but suddenly, the street-seasoned Harrison realizes she’s being followed by a garrison of overly zealous police and they barely avoid being captured.

All this takes place in an America that can only be conceived, after a few civil wars in the United States.  Combined with the inevitable technological advances of society, we have this 22nd century, with a dark mix of technology and survival.  This Earth reminded me of how you see Star Wars, a mix of tech and third-world survival.

Through it all, we follow Harrison and Susan as they unravel the mystery of her sister’s not-death.

If you’re the kind of reader who likes jumping right into the action, this book meets both needs, that of the quick action of the opening scene, then a style that takes its time to explain the underlying story and world these events take place in.

If you’re an all-action kind of reader, you will be frustrated to some degree.  If you like your story details explained properly, you’ll love this story as Cawdron leaves no stone unturned to understand the story resolution.  On and off, with the right amount of action peppered within.

That’s all I’m telling ya.  You’ll have to read it for yourself to see what I’m talking about.  And it was a good read, indeed.

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