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by on December 11, 2017

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Yesterday's Gone Chapter One book review

Yesterday’s Gone: Season One book review by Sean Platt and David W. Wright. Yes, I said “season one,” but that’s how the authors labelled their chapters. That’s because the authors admit to loving cliffhangers and serialized fiction. That in itself is a bit of a warning but I read this AFTER I read the book.  With that said…

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Yesterday’s Gone is written like a TV series, each chapter is labelled season one, episode #. And each chapter is a story unto itself. The problem for me though, was that each of the first six chapters introduced a lot of new individuals or groups that could be hard for some readers to keep track of, if for instance, you only read a little bit here and there every morning.  But once all the characters are introduced, the narrative moves forward from there, bouncing around with each chapter among the different people and groups.  Each have their own tale to tell until, as the story progresses, they start to slowly start to cross paths.

My other issue was that ….

Potential SPOILER

Nothing was revealed or resolved when I was done reading this book. NOTHING!

The story opens with huge masses of humans having mysteriously disappeared in swirls of smoke at 2:15am. But there were some survivors and it was these folks that we started following.

But with every chapter, as the mystery evolved, I continued to expect the mystery of everyone’s disappearances to be explained and the evil, exposed. Sure, we meet agents of evil, and possibly the or one of the head evil problems, but we are never told what really happened. At all. The mystery, as our authors so love to develop, only deepens and evolves and this book ends in what they love most, a cliffhanger.

And if you know anything about me, I do not like cliffhangers used to help sell the next book.

I know the authors explained that they loved cliffhangers, and they have enough of a following to work it. And to be honest, if you love character driven stories, then Yesterday’s Gone is the perfect book for you. All we get are stories from all the characters, with some story about the evil that threatens humanity. Or at least I think it’s threatening humanity.

Honest opinion:

I hated that there was no resolution as to what the problems or challenges our characters were facing. It was constantly distracting, looking for what our writers were going to throw up as the nemesis. But the read was engaging enough to keep me going. I wanted to quit reading it because I felt like I was not going to get a payout, but I kept reading. To see what the writers were going to give me and I did not get closure.

But it was a good read… I’m just not sure I want to jump into the next book… or… season, as our writers call it. I don’t want to be disappointed again. And to think, they have six seasons in the series.

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