Booster Gold and Blue Beetle on ‘Smallville’

by on April 5, 2011

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Smallville season 10 promo image - Clark shadow with the Superman cape

Smallville will be returning on April 15th from it’s break. You can see that Smallville preview at < that link.  The following week will be a real treat when the next episode will be introducing Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. The episode was also penned by Geoff Johns.


SMALLVILLE Booster Gold and Blue BeetleIn the episode, these will be the very early days of Booster Gold and he will be at his youthful and arrogant best. He’s quite the opposite of Clark, which is an issue for Clark.

In this episode, we also see Booster Gold meet his future buddy, Blue Beetle, but initially, they aren’t going to see eye-to-eye.

Eric Martsolf will be playing Michael Jon Carter/Booster Gold & Sebastian Spence will play Ted Kord/Blue Beetle.  Tom Welling directed this episode, titled “Booster.”

These new episodes will be the final batch of episodes as Smallville will be coming to a close with the series finale airing on May 13th.

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