Box Office Observation: Cloud Atlas Has Cloudy Start, Argo Repeats

by on October 29, 2012

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Brusimm Box Office ReportI guess all the hype about Cloud Atlas fell short on half the ears out there because it seemed to fall a bit short at the box office.

While if you were to believe the ads about this incredibly timeless movie called Cloud Atlas, it seems the message or story it was trying to tell was a bit clouded.

When I first started seeing ads for Cloud Atlas, the trailers seemed pretty ADHD. One moment they’re in ancient times, the next they were swinging from a frigate in the open seas, and the next, scooting around in futuristic hover-cars.

And if you waited for movie reviews to hit the press, those two were just as fragmented as the trailer. The reviews ranged from being the most incredible story ever told to a descriptor of it being a hot mess of a story.

My guess is if you liked Pulp Fiction in the day, you might like this movie. But that’s only a guess since I didn’t go out of my way to see Cloud Altas.

Here’s a box office report micro chart, with [IMDb] user ratings for reference!

#1: As it is, Argo held the No. 1 spot, adding $12.3M to its coffers. Despite that being a 25% drop from last weekend’s take. [8.4]

#2: In its fifth week, Hotel Transylvania held onto the No. 2 spot, adding $9.5M to it’s wallet. [7.2]

#3: Cloud Atlas premiered 3rd with a $9.4M take. And if you compare that to the estimaged $100M budget, well, here’s hoping for the over-priced foreign box office. [8.4] <<< That’s either confusing, or a lot of Pulp Fiction fans. This goes to show that even in a system I trust more than others, specific bias can still “cloud” the system. (That wasn’t meant as a pun, but after I wrote it, I had to own it.)

#4: Paranormal Activity 4: Fans are getting the word out that this franchise is no longer anything like it used to be, with cheap scares and no build up. It’s box office income droppped by 70%, pulling in only $8.7M. [4.6]

#5: Taken 2 took in an additional $8M. [6.6]

Other premiering movies this weekend:

#6: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D pulled in $8M. [7.1]

#10: Fun Size didn’t seem that fun to movie-goers, pulling in only $4M at the window. [4.5]

#13: Chasing Mavericks crashed hard on the beach with a $2M opening weekend. I understand that actually. All the hype before the movie focused on Gerard Butler. But when the ads started rolling, we find out the focus is on this kid named Moriarity wanting to learn to surf from a veteran. There’s a mix up of messages there! [5.5]

I remember when this movie came to my neighborhood and took over a house to film at for just over 2 days, all for a 1 minute scene. Zoinks, they could have showed up and fired off a shoot in a few hours and saved some production bucks on this one!


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