Branded Movie Is Being Marketed In A Misleading Fashion

by on September 7, 2012

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Branded movie has misleading marketing

I just started seeing some ads for Branded, a new movie that came out today. It hasn’t been screened by critics, as is the case for many movies. But today Giant Freakin’ Robot’s David Wharton took one for the team and went out and saw the movie and came back with some words of warning.

Do you remember when the movie Drive came out, starring Ryan Gosling? All the ads led consumers to believe it was an action movie full of car chases and fist fights. What happened instead was a critically acclaimed dramatic setting, where the only action in the movie was pretty much in the trailers.

Fans were pretty agitated about this misleading marketing.

It looks like Branded may very well fall within the same category of false advertising. The trailer gives you the feel of sci-fi, maybe aliens, and some action conspiracy.

What David says is that the movie doesn’t even remotely resemble a sci-fi story line and there’s no dystopian society either.

The movie is more about the…

“manipulative marketing and consumer culture.”

So if you’re looking for a sci-fi movie, this isn’t it. It’s marketing is a lie, much like the subject of the movie.

David did say it’s not a bad movie. Just not the movie you’re expecting.

Go check out his full take on the movie Branded… over on Giant Freakin Robot. It’s actually a pretty great little site.

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