Bravo to Rain-X Windshield Wipers [Consumer]

by on December 13, 2009

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A few years back I had purchased some windshield wipers from Wallmart. They gave me an ‘eh’ feeling. They weren’t perfect but they got the job done. It was a stress purchase that day.

They gave up the ghost pretty easily. The left one on my wifes car started to streak so badly that you had to lean left to see out. On my truck, I accidently hit it with a window cleaner at the gas station. It bent pretty easily.

Recently I went out and purchased some wipers to replace all the wipers I had that I had made an errant purchased fro Wallmart. I snagged some Rain-X wiper Weatherbeater blades. Wow. I had never bought any product from Rain-X previous to this, but what a pleasure.

I never thought I’d see such a difference, but these babies sure do work rather well and wipe the windows flawlessly. I had an option to go as cheap as possible, but I opted for a more mid-range priced product.

I would recommend Rain-X any day of the week after using these for the last week under the rainy conditions I’m experiencing. I almost can’t wait for these to wear out to buy more!

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