‘Breaking Bad’ Bits From Season Four; While We Wait for Season Five

by on April 17, 2012

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Bryan Cranston stars in 'Breaking Bad' as Walt

I am finding myself going through Breaking Bad withdrawals waiting for its fifth and final season…  And though they just started up production, I’m getting antsy!  So here’s something to soothe my nerves for the moment.

Did you know that if you found yourself obsessing over Gale Boetticher’s (David Costabile) case file, the one that Hank had Walt (Bryan Cranston) review, that you too can go through it too?

AMC TV has put together a pretty special collective of interactive web pages that lets you, the Breaking Bad fan, rifle through the same case file that Hank (Dean Norris) and Walt did in the show!


Dean Norris stars in 'Breaking Bad'

Then there’s Hank’s blog.  Yep, Hank is keeping a blog.  There’s something in it about being too isolated while on the mend from his gunshot wounds and that he should be blogging.

Check out some quotes from the blog:

Apparently, I’ve become ‘too isolated,’ and the perfect solution is to start blogging again… Because nothing says well-adjusted quite like telling a group of faceless strangers how big a s— you took that morning.

Yea… I think this one is pretty instrumental in all kinds of script development:

So there I was, all set to throw in the towel, and then my brother-in-law busts out some wisdom at dinner the other night…. It seems like maybe… my drug kingpin is still out there.

The world is a strange place. This last year has taught me that you really never know what’s gonna come smack you in the face… or shoot you four times and then try to chop your freaking head off.


Then there’s the quiz on season four of Breaking Bad…  Do you think you have all the details about the season in your head???

Ug…  there are 11 questions and I goofed on two of them…  Maybe you can do better!  Check out all the links below:


AMC TV:  Gale’s Casefile:  gale-boetticher-file-top-items

AMC TV:  Hank’s Blog (The DEA Officer!): hanks-blog-roundup

AMC TV: Breaking Bad season four quiz: season-4-story-quiz

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