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by on April 11, 2012

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I’m going through some Breaking Bad withdrawal and thought I’d toss out a piece on a quick interview bit that show creator Vince Gilligan took part of…  it was an interview where fans could submit questions (This was some time ago) and he’d answer them.

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As I go through the interview, I’m pulling out some of the more interesting or enlightening replies from Breaking Bad‘s creator.

Bryan Cranston stars in 'Breaking Bad' as Walt

Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul and is basically about a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer and tries one last ditch effort to create a slush fund for his family once he’s gone, by selling meth.  As far as I’m concerned, despite the subject content, this is hands-down, the best show on television.  It also has enough Emmy’s to make that point rather clear!

But enough about me… here’s some of the points I picked up on

On Script Writing:  On some of their wonderful content they create, inspiration for their scripts come from “spaghetti westerns” of Sergio Leone, The Godfather, Parts I and II, The Maltese Falcon, as well as the Coen brothers contemporary films.

The French Connection inspired Vince when he was creating the pilot episode of Breaking Bad.

Vince is so neurotic that he avoids looking up anything about Breaking Bad on the internet.  His worry is that something he sees would influence the team’s creativity if they saw something good (that they might overly focus on) or bad (where they’d be influenced away from something they want to write.).

Walt’s neighbor from the last episode of season four, Becky Simmons, is Vince’s mother.

The casting seems perfect and Vince Gilligan say the secret to that is having great casting directors and writing to the actors strengths.

The Albuquerque, NM locations where they film Breaking Bad, are chosen by location manager Christian Diaz de Bedoya.  He drives around and takes pictures and sometimes they even write episodes based on the location that was photographed.

Aaron Paul plays Jesse in 'Breaking Bad'

On the process of writing, the writers room sessions focus on “Where is Walt’s head at? What is he afraid of right now? What does Jesse want?”

And it goes from there.

Did you know that Jesse was supposed to be killed off in Season 1?  But once they cast Aaron Paul as Jesse, the role the man played changed things up.  Vince was going to give Walt something to feel guilty about, but as you can see in subsequent seasons, they’ve given him plenty of other things to be miserably tormented about.

Though the upcoming fifth season has been reported as the last season of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan did not have an end-game in mind when he started writing the series.  (Unlike the previous seasons, the fifth season will have a huge 16-episode run.)

But on the ending of the series, Vince says that “Breaking Bad was designed from the beginning as a very finite, close-ended story.


Dean Norris stars in 'Breaking Bad'

He doesn’t want it to end, but as I can see, he doesn’t want the show to outstay its welcome either and would rather end it on a high note.

You know how that is… a show is fun the first few seasons but then starts to get predictable and a network draws it out ever painfully so, until the ratings are so bad that it has to be dropped.

But unlike the above observed network pattern, Breaking Bad has been anything but old or outstaying its welcome… though I am extremely curious where they’re going to go in season 5.  The culmination of season 4 could have very well been the series-ender and I think fans would have been satisfied with that ending, unlike some series-enders.  (Did you catch the season [or series] finale of CSI: Miami?  Talk about writing on the wall!)

But Gilligan wants the show to end on a high note.  And I think we need to prepare ourselves.  Vince Gilligan said he wants Breaking Bad to end as it begun, with you, the fans, engaged and confounded.

Egads Bitches!

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