Breaking Bad episode “Dead Freight” Recap – A Modern Day Train Heist

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Brusimm episode recapWelcome back to another episode recap of Breaking Bad.  On the episode titled “Dead Freight,” we see some desperation and frustration in some of our characters.  That, along with a little “spy 101” practices, things should get interesting.

Anna Gunn in - Breaking BadIn the latest story development of Breaking Bad, we finally got one of those mystery opening scenes that made you wonder exactly what does that have to do with the show?  Oh we found out.  The opening scene followed a 10-year-old boy on his bike out in the desert tooling around and finding a tarantula.  I  had been wondering where the mystery teasers had gone.  We only got one this season, in the opening minutes of the fifth season series premiere.  (Walt coughing, buying a big… BIG gun.)

Mike had his chemical supplier, Lydia, on hand to shoot in the head.  Walt went to visit Hank (to plant bugging devices), Walt Jr. snaps and wants to know what’s up, Hank and Marie are having fun with the Walt baby, and the bugging devices, aka spyware 101, learned that their supplier was not the one faking a bug device, thus saving her own ass.

But Lydia points the boys to a train shipment that they could siphon from.  It didn’t seem doable, plus, as far as I can see, this isn’t something they can repeat, considering how they pulled this train job off.  But the robbery was riveting and nerve wracking all at once.  And the train heist showed us that Walt is over the edge.  They’ve successfully stopped the train, siphoning off their goodies, replacing it with water (to slightly thin out the train car’s supply), and the train leaves sooner than anticipated.  But Walt insists his team (which includes Todd, played by Jesse Plemons) stay on the car, siphoning as much as humanly possible, even when you’re thinking they need to stop, like, a minute sooner.

Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, an episode recap

But not all went off as planned.  The team finds that they think they pulled off the switch of the train contents undetected, but the young boy on the bike was sitting there watching them all along.  Not good for the “no witnesses” situation.

Throughout the episode we’re dropped hints of what’s to come.  Walt Jr. is getting tired of living with uncle Hank.

Skylar again putting her foot down that while they’re in business, the kids will not live with them.

Hank commenting on what a nice watch Walt has.  (Remember Jesse’s B-day gift to Walt?)  Hank also comments on the new cars.

Mike and Walt butting heads every time we watch them sorting out a deal.

And Todd, who, through necessity, is taken along for the train heist.

Walt Jr.’s angst will be the crux of things breaking down between families.  He’s ticked off and forcing an issue that otherwise would not have been as noticeable.   Skylar’s insistence of no children in the house is going to become something of a red herring, don’t you think?  Hank keeps seeing things and mentioning things that makes me think that his suspicions of Walt are developing.  And Todd, as we saw in that last scene, is more cold-blooded than Walt could ever be.  Or even Mike, because that poor child who witnessed the heist, triggers something in Todd I don’t think we were ready for… as without any hesitation, Todd pulls a gun and pops the kid.

From the heist business end of things, that was the pragmatic thing to do.  But you could see Jesse having issues with the kid seeing them and not being able to act on this new development.  Walt, I think was hovering, not wanting to have to deal with that threshold of cold-hardheartedness again.  But Todd just steps up without blinking and deals.  (Gang, this isn’t our Landry from FNL!)

Between the action and subtle details laying the groundwork, added to by the wonderful cinematography, this was another wonderfully planted episode that will be bearing fruit in the spring or the 2nd half of this last season of Breaking Bad.  As my wife put it, I hate this show.  (Meaning it drives her nuts with the level of anxiety she derives from watching each episode.  LOL)

Seriously… what cinematography can make the bland, plain, see for as far as possible desert, look so good?

And the previews for next week seem to be bringing Mike closer to wanting out, the feds more on their case and a few other details.

See ya at next week’s episode of Breaking Bad, which will be titled “Buyout.”

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