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by on August 27, 2012

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Jonathan Banks in - Breaking BadThis week’s episode of Breaking Bad brought new scenarios, new stresses and new traumas. Then again , what’s new? [Spoilers Ensue]

Walter, Mike and Jesse met with the local meth competition. If you remember, Walter hid the essential key ingredient from Mike and Jesse. So now they’re meeting with the competition and Walter pitches the benefits of working with him. He wants them to distribute his product, to take the place of Mike, whose exiting the operation. Walt talks his new cohorts into giving Mike $5M.

Jesse has his closing chat with Walter, where Walter won’t even give Jesse his money. But it seems that Jesse is sick of everything Walt has caused to happen.

Mike has a lawyer distributing cash to his 9 guys (from Fring’s operation) to keep them quiet. All the while, Hank’s boss tells him to lay off the Fring case, but then, they find themselves on the tail of Mike’s lawyer. He found himself collared and he flips fast on Mike.

Walter warns Mike the feds are coming. Watching Mike abandon his granddaughter at the park was a tough thing to watch, but he could not get captured by the police.

Walter retrieve’s Mike’s “GO” bag and meets him near a stream. Mike let’s Walt know this is all on him. All he had to do was cook. That Gus has everything set up. All Walt wants are the names of the 9 guys. Mike won’t give them up. And as Mike goes to leave, in a spate of one of those emotionally illogical moments of Walt’s, he shoots and kills Mike. And while Mike is dying, Walt says, oh, I could have asked Lydia.

With Mike gone and the lawyer flipping, the concern are the 9 guys that are in jail and so far, haven’t been flipping. Now, with no money coming, there’s a real concern about them flipping.

And the game for me, for Breaking Bad, has changed.

Jonathan Banks, Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad

Up until this episode I had marveled at the change of character that Walter had gone through. I had always felt that Walt was pushed into a corner while all he really wanted to do was leave a bucket of money for his family when he passed. Instead, one thing led to another and another. A trail of bodies, of innocent victims, have been left in his wake.

And now, he’s shot and killed Mike in one of those spats of illogical action. I liked Mike and was stunned into several minutes of silence, trying to digest the multiple ramifications of this deed. I am not surprised Mike died. Live by the sword, die by the sword. I thought he would have had more meaning in his death than at the hands of a useless Walt spat.

And now, I have a new goal, a new character to cheer for.

Instead of pulling for Walt like I had for four seasons, and hoping he’d pull his head out of his ass this season, well, apparently he’s on a one-way path to self-destruction. His egotistical, blind need to be the best at something has destroyed his life entirely.

Now, I’m rooting for Hank, hoping that every one of his moves brings him closer to taking down Walt. But with the wake of bodies behind him, I can see Walt killing Hank too. He’s gone over the edge and does not feel accountable for his actions. Walt needs to be dealt with. Had Mike not gone soft on multiple occasions, he would have done him much earlier.

This week, Breaking Bad has brought a huge change to this fan.

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John August 28, 2012 at 8:57 am

Walt, what are you doing?! You used to be all about family and sacrafice, but now your about egotism and getting your way no matter what. It’s past time you retire. Everyone knows it but you.

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