‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Directed By Gilligan & What’s The Cast Been Doing?

by on February 15, 2013

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Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, an episode recap

News (good) on the street is that the creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, will be directing the finale of the series.  And that sounds pretty sweet to this fan.  That’s because when someone writes something, they have it in their mind how things will seem.  When another person directs someone’s script, there’s a mixed vision.  But with Gilligan writing and directing, he gets to put on screen his actual motivation or vision for the series finale.

On top of that, Bryan Cranston is directing the mid-season premiere.

The journey of Walter White (Cranston) has been a long and tormenting one, from being a cancer victim to becoming a one-man drug ring.  Walter’s original goals have twisted into something different, as he got caught up in the momentum of his own resurrection.

And if you have followed some of my commentary, you know that I feel Walter is a mass murderer.

Be it as it may, cast from the series have started landing new gigs and what not.

Dean Norris in - Breaking Bad

Dean Norris has landed a role in the CBS series, Under the Dome.  The series is based on another book of Stephen King’s.

Jonathan Banks landed a role in an NBC series about some violent families, titled Bloodlines.

Remember Badger?  Actor Matt Jones will be on a CSB show/pilot called Mom.

Bryan Cranston won a Saturn Award for his role in BB and two more film festival awards for being part of an ensemble cast, from Argo.  Bryan also won two Screen Actors Guild Awards, Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series for Breaking Bad & Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for Argo.

It’s good to see him landing awards for his work other than Breaking Bad.

He’s also landed roles in Get A Job, and in the upcoming Godzilla (2014) movie and Eye of Winter.

Word on the street is is also writing/directing a movie called Home Again.

Anna Gunn had two roles in movies… Saddy Pants and Little Red Wagon last year.

Aaron Paul in - Breaking BadIf your remember, Aaron Paul landed a himself an Emmy and Saturn Award.

He had a role in Quad, and in three upcoming movies… Need for Speed, A Long Way Down, and Decoding Annie Parker.

Dean Norris lined up his new TV gig and could be caught in Get the Gringo and The Frozen Ground.  He has a few movie projects coming up… The Counselor and maybe in Small Time.

RJ Mitte had a one-spot guest in the new Vegas, and has an upcoming role in The Devil’s Ink and looks to be an aspiring executive producer with a documentary called Vanished: The Tara Calico Story.

Bob Odenkirk in - Breaking BadDid everyone catch Saul’s… I mean Bob Odenkirk’s Super Bowl ad?  Well he’s busy beyond ads… He was in Movie 43, The Spectacular Now and Ass Backwards.  He’s got two movies in post-production and nearing theatrical release… Hell & Back (Voice of the Devil) and Nebraska.

He’s also looking to write and produce a project titled Annie Jenkins: A Not Very Romantic Comedy.

Jonathan Banks has his TV gig, Bloodlines.  He also had a moment in Identity Thief.  Two movies in post-production and nearing their release dates with Jonathan in it include Scribble and Watercolor Postcards.

Then there’s Gus…  or, Giancarlo Esposito.  He became one of my favorite bad guys from the land of TV and on the small screen, he’s continued that bad guy streak with Captain Tom Neville in NBC’s Revolution.  On the big screen, he was in Alex Cross and has a few projects in production…  Adele and Poker Night.

Taking a break:  Betsy Brandt

As with any final season of a show, I expect anything to happen.  And anything can happen.  Characters don’t need to stick around.  And deaths can have a pretty strong impact on the fan base… sometimes good, sometimes not good.

So when you’re watching these last eight episodes of Breaking Bad, I think you need to ready for anything.

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