BREAKING BAD four-Season Marathon

by on June 4, 2012

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Breaking Bad season five promo art - TV marathon

Breaking Bad‘s final “fifth” season will be premiering on Sunday, July 15th. But before that day comes, we have something even COOLER coming our way.

Starting this Sunday, June 10th, AMC will be bringing it with a Breaking Bad marathon… of all four seasons leading up to our final season of the show.

(OMG, I’m not getting any sleep this coming Sunday through… !? Why didn’t they start it Friday night?)

Of course this is just an awesome reminder of what to look forward to, coming July 15th, which is the “fifth” and final season of the show.

I keep putting “fifth” because we’ve heard that the fifth season was going to be 16 episodes. But we going to get 8 of those episodes starting July 15th, and then the next 8 will come at us sometime next summer.


I don’t get why we’re not calling it the fifth and sixth seasons, but hey, marketing is what it is, right?

Breaking Bad season five promo art

All I’ve got to say is keep your eye out for that last episode, the season finale from season four and tell me, what you think about that last scene, that flower in Walter’s backyard. What does it mean?

I have a piece coming up where me and a couple of other readers have a round-robin chat about that pesky flower!



Did you know that that show gets input from the Los Angeles, Alburuerque and Dallas DEA divisions for input on the meth details of the show?

They had a DEA chemist supervise the construction of the first lab that took place in the RV in season one?

Show creator Vince Gilligan has gotten praise for the meth labs they’ve designed through the show.

They use Strawberry Quik for some scenes during the cooking process in Breaking Bad.



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