Breaking Bad Recap – Awkward Dinners and Doomed Business Partners

by on August 20, 2012

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Breaking Bad‘s third from last episode of this part of season five, titled “Buyout,” showed just how deep into this business of meth selling, Walter is. He’s committed and determined. But his business partners aren’t so thrilled with the idea of continuing on doing business with him.

Jonathan Banks, Bryan Cranston, Jesse Plemons in Breaking Bad ep BUYOUT

After last week’s Breaking Bad episode where their new man, Todd (Jesse Plemons), shot the small child on the dirt bike, the rest of the gang is traumatized. All the while, they spend the night breaking down the kid’s bike and the body with the “chemicals in the plastic bin” trick from season 1.

Jesse isn’t happy about this but Mike is pragmatic about the situation.

But things are developing amongst the group and outside the group. Skylar is over at Marie’s and it comes out that Walter told Marie about Skylar’s tryst with her old boss, Ted. You can see that Skylar is internally livid about this.

The DEA is following Mike and he’s tired of it all.

Mike and Jesse blindside Walt and tell him they want out. But there’s a snag in the process. They were going to sell their parts of the business to a competitor, but the competitor, played by Stargate Universe‘s Louis Ferreira, wants ALL the drugs to get the “blue” off the street. Walt and Jesse only have their thirds, so they have to try and convince Walt to sell his part to the competitor.

But Walt won’t have anything to do with it.

Jesse heads over to Walt’s house to try and talk him into it, but he refuses. Then, in mid-conversation, Skylar shows up. Jesse is looking to bolt, but Walt invites him to stay for dinner.

Aaron Paul at dinner in Breaking Bad ep BUYOUT

This was one of the funniest moments of the season, with Jesse nervously sitting between Walt and Skylar, desperately trying to make small talk. And then, while tanking down some wine, Skylar makes a statement to Walt asking him if he told Jesse about her affair with Ted. Jesse is trying to look anywhere but at the table, trying to emotionally not being there. This was hilarious.

But after Skylar leaves, Walt tells Jesse that she hates him and wants his cancer to return. He laments about his days at his old company, where he was bought out for $5k, and it’s now worth billions, with a ‘B.’ This meth business is all he has and won’t let go.

Mike has a deal to take care of and ambushes Walt, expecting Walt to do something stupid, he catches him in the act of trying to siphon off some methylamine. Mike straps him to a room heater to go off to do something. And here’s where we watch Walt burn off his bonds and burns is own wrist doing it. Check it out:

Mike returns to find the entire methylamine tank gone, and a plan. Mike wants to kill Walt, but Jesse stops him.

This is an episode that where we see that everyone is at wits’ end. Mike is done, Jesse wants out, Skylar is hitting a new and darker place and Walt is showing us how terribly desperate he truly is and how he has nothing but this business of meth.

Everyone is getting desperate as most of them are along for the ride while Walt continues to manipulate the game for everyone.

Here’s a proper preview for next week’s Breaking Bad:


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