Breaking Bad Recap of Ep 3, “Hazard Pay” or Mike’s Big Payday

by on July 30, 2012

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Betsy Brandt in - Breaking BadBreaking Bad continues the trend of dangerous changes and surprise costs to our stalwart cast of characters.

In this episode of Breaking Bad, Skylar went over the edge snapping at her sister. Dealing with the pressures of the fear of living with a drug kingpin and murderer is slowly starting to get the best of her.

Marie insists she will get to the bottom of this, but Walt plays it off as Skylar and he recovering from her indiscretions with her ex-boss, Ted.

Marie seems to accept that, but if we know anything, it’s that Marie NEVER knows when to let things rest.

Mike, Walt and Jesse come to terms as to how they’re going to handle the balancing act of the business and Mike makes it clear that that he will be handling the business part of the business while Walt and Jesse will be doing the cooking.

But what they later find out is that Mike has a huge or larger than expected set of costs in getting the job done. And that includes paying off his crew from Gus’s operation. That’s a huge chunk of money that, despite making over a million bucks from their first cook, they barely end up with just over $100k each.

I’m not sure Walt’s happy with this, but Jesse is trying to sooth him by reminding him that they now are the business, not the workers. But Walt is lamenting that they made more working for Gus.

Speaking of their first post-Gus cook, Saul set the boys up with a great cover location for their lab. And it’s a mobile lab.

Saul has set them up with an exterminator. When the exterminator sets up a fumigation tent over a house, the boys move their lab equipment in and do the cook. Then when they’re done, the exterminator moves in and does the job he’s hired for.

It’s almost brilliant, a mobile lab. As long as nothing goes wrong with the job itself.

And we finally meet Todd, played by Jesse Plemons (Friday Night Lights), whose on the exterminator crew. And we know Todd will have an important role of Breaking Bad… but how important? I’ll leave that up to you to find out.

Jesse broke up with his girlfriend, which was pretty sad. But Walt had a talk with him, asking him if he was going to tell her the truth about what he’s done and is doing. This triggers that underlying guilt he seems to be growing in his head and he can’t drag her into this.


Bryan Cranston in - Breaking BadAgain, we’re seeing how Walt is manipulating the folks around him. When they settled on the moving lab, it wasn’t a consensus, it was a call by Walt. When Jesse broke up with his girl, it was after a discussion with Walt. This was probably another calculated move on Walt’s part to minimize the loose lips around the org. But hey, maybe not either.

It’s another insidious aspect when Walt can act like everything is normal and have a movie night with the fam.

But now, it seems Mike and Walt have a tenuous relationship. Things are moving in the direction that Walt wants, but on Mike’s terms. I suspect something will come of that.

I’m personally worried about who Todd is. But we’ll have to see what’s up there.

And with Marie suddenly thrust into the family dynamic, how far behind can Hank be? And when will the inevitable confrontation between Mike and Hank start up? That’s not an inside line? That’s a strong speculative question!

And though the show is pretty awesome, there is a dynamic that’s missing. Walt is no longer that wide-eyed desperate cancer victim only trying to leave a nest egg for his family. He’s no longer evolving by the force of outside influences. He’s now the influence. The danger that’s knocking. We’re now following the kingpin of the region plotting through his day.

Which means we’ve had four seasons to watch Walt change into this and now we’re going to see where his story takes him in these final (two) season(s) of Breaking Bad.

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