‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Premiere & Spoilers on The Upcoming Season

by on July 16, 2012

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This is a quick review of the season premiere of Breaking Bad, titled “Live Free or Die.”

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Breaking Bad opens with Walt in a Denny’s pawning himself off as a guy from New Hampshire… and he has hair and a beard.  He exchanges an envelope with a character played by Supernatural‘s Jim Beaver, for keys to a Volvo.  In the trunk of that car is a VERY BIG GUN!  (BTW:  This isn’t the first time Jim Beaver has appeared in the show.)

And Walt is coughing.  Not big, but it’s there.

Bryan Cranston in - Breaking BadWe then pop back to the moments right after Walt blew up Gus.  (I’m going to miss Gus’s style.)  He’s cleaning up the house of his bomb making gear and the Lily of the Valley plant.  (Well, now we know who poisoned the little boy last season.)

Hank is going over the labs and notices the camera and heads to the restaurant and nabs the laptop with all the surveillance video.

And we go from there, with Skylar dealing with her old boss who did not die.  Skyler visits him in the hospital and he looks pretty messed up.  He promises to Skylar he won’t talk.

Walt’s pretty thorough.  I wonder how long he’ll last.

Walt, Jesse and Mike dealing with wayward evidence that needed to be destroyed to keep them safe.  Think inaccessible evidence lock up and … well, imagine wrecking yard magnets that pick up cars and lots of batteries in a small moving truck.  That was crazy Bitches!

But what was in that picture frame that got busted up?  A routing number!

Oh, and Saul let Walt know what Skylar did, as far as giving Ted $600k to pay his tax bill.  That didn’t go well and Saul tried to quit.  Tried I say!

Breaking Bad returned for it’s fifth and sort of final season with a vengeance.  Despite the first scene that is obviously the standard teaser of a future moment, we jumped right back into the momentum of last season.

Aaron Paul in - Breaking BadWe picked right up, moments after events from last season.  The intensity seemed to not change one bit… and the show brought it.

Whatever you were expecting, Breaking Bad delivered it.

But I’m having issues with AMC’s new tactics.

When Breaking Bad ended, it’s obvious that AMC wants to artificially inflate the ratings for their new, backwoods-based reality show.

Rather than getting scenes for next week, we were told we will see scenes for next week during the first commercial break in their new show, Small Town Security.  On top of that, viewers were promised a 4-minute preview of The Walking Dead… sometime during Small Town Security.  Turns out you got that 4-minute Walking Dead preview at the end of the half-hour episode.

Jonathan Banks in - Breaking BadWhat a dirty little trick folks.

I love Breaking Bad… but keep in mind that this is the final season of the show.  But we’re going to be getting the first 8 eps of this season now, and then sometime next year, the second 8 episodes.  So we’re getting a sort of 6 seasons and calling it season 5.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they hired some sneaky exec with The Enquirer gossip rag tricks up their sleeve.

What’s interesting was that when it finally aired, this Walking Dead preview was not new.  I’ve already seen it.  Wow, that was a dirty trick.

Other than that, awesome season premiere of Breaking Bad.  Walt was focused and in control.  Mike and Jesse were along for the ride, despite Mike voicing his sane concerns.

Anna Gunn in - Breaking BadWhere’s Walt headed?  What was that preview scene?  (Eh, I’m not going to try and figure that one out.  I’v learned those teasers are so misleading that I’d just drive myself crazy trying to sort it out.)

The closing scene, where Walt’s hugging Skylar and says I forgive you…  hits all kinds of different emotions on all kinds of angles.

I can’t wait to see what is coming up this season for Breaking Bad…  bitches!


Possibly SERIOUS Spoilers for Season 5 of Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul has called this upcoming fifth and final season terrifying.  Terrifying because of the puppet master named Walter!

Bob Odenkirk in - Breaking BadYet Walter’s friendship with Jesse becomes even more important to him.  Walt has no more morals.  With Walt getting darker, Jesse doesn’t know how to deal with or look out for him.

Jesse no longer needs to be mentored to cook, so they are true partners.

Now that Walt eliminated the smartest guy there was at the top, he now finds himself in that position.

Mike does join our duo on their journey.  I mean, hey, he needs a job, right?

Remember, Friday Night Lights alum, Jesse Plemons joined the show, right?  His character, Todd, will be hired by Walt and company.  But Todd has been called focused and yet, unpredictable.

Dean Norris in - Breaking Bad In a previous conversational post, Where Can Breaking Bad Go From Here? I had questioned whether Gus was just another cog in a bigger wheel.

It looks like that might be the case, if you remember the German Corporation called Madrigal, that Gus had worked with to build his restaurant and lab.  Keep your eyes out for that one.

Skylar feels trapped and well, she’s got some things up her sleeve to deal with the idea that she has to protect all that she has left in the world, her children!

Hank knows Gus isn’t the end of the line with this situation.

Saul gets a bit more moral as he worries more about who or what Walt becomes.

Showrunner Vince Gilligan has his road-map in his head as to where he wants things to go, but keeps an open mind in case something comes up that creates a new story direction.

Season 5 Spoilers:  ew.com

RJ Mitte in - Breaking Bad

Betsy Brandt in - Breaking Bad

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