‘Breaking Bad’ Season Five Summer Premiere Date And Why I Love This Show

by on April 25, 2012

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'Breaking Bad' on AMC

AMC has released a bit of an update on their hit series (well, one of them) Breaking Bad.  The fifth and final season of Breaking Bad will be premiering in July of 2012.  And for Bad fans, that’s awesome news.  Not to mention, this fifth season will have a whopping 16-episode count!  SIXTEEN!!!  Bonus!  But as star Bryan Cranston told TV Guide back in April, the season will be split into two, 8-episode arcs, with the second 8 premiering in 2013.  (I presume early 2013.)

And season 5 picks up exactly where season 4 left off.  So when it premieres, strap in and hang on!  (Plus I have an upcoming piece where me a few folk wonder out-loud about that pesky plant in Walt’s backyard at the end of the fourth season finale!)

This is one show that, if you have Netflix, or some way to catch the first four seasons, do it!  (Seriously, when do I ever recommend something so strongly?)

The show stars Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a a milquetoast high school chemistry teacher who finds out he has Stage 3 cancer and tries to build financial security for his family, for after he is gone.  But he does this via selling the best meth ever seen.  (Those chemistry skills man!)

And after deciding to cook meth, well that decision leads to another, and another and so forth and so on.

Other cast includes Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman.  A dealer and ex-student of Walter’s.

These two actors alone have won multiple awards for their portrayals of their characters.  Cranston has won three consecutive Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor and Paul won the 2010 Emmy® winner for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

The show is from acclaimed writer/producer/director Vince Gilligan.

Read on and see why this is my top favorite show of all-time:

Bryan Cranston stars in 'Breaking Bad' as WaltBefore I caught this show, I have to say that the title never swayed me, and Malcolm’s dad (Cranston, from Malcolm in the Middle) did not hold sway for me.  So I never tuned in during those first four years!

But then I caught the first two episodes of the first season and I could not put down the remote.  I equate watching this show to reading The Hunger Games.  You just can’t watch one episode.  You can’t put the remote down!

This TV series from AMC has ruined it for any other TV series I have ever seen and probably ever will see.

The beauty of Breaking Bad is that this chem teacher, Walter, finds himself cooking meth and then having to deal with the ilk that comes with it.  And very now and then, he steps up and out of that cowering shell of his and kicks ass.

And each season, he’s more kick ass than cower.

His cohort, Jesse, is the meth dealer he learns the trade from.

Aaron Paul plays Jesse in 'Breaking Bad'Jesse is this loser kid who really has a very big heart, but his emotional focus is down the wrong path. At times he’s as annoying as ever and other times, you’re pulling for him to do the right thing.

What puts this show above and beyond the rest of all TV land is how the characters are handled throughout the series.

In other great shows, we have an entertaining story line and through the seasons, we learn about the characters and what makes them tick.


With Breaking Bad, we learn about our characters past, but because of the situation they find themselves in, they are also evolving into someone new.

So as we learn about Walter’s fracked up history with a past business partner, or why he was working a second part-time job at a car wash, we see him deal with situations he never had to deal with before.  And each situation and its resolution, forces Walter and at times, Jesse, to grow beyond what they were and become someone new.  Newer, tougher and yet, still care for their loved ones as best they can.  Except when the crap comes or more accurately, follows them home.

That’s the magic of this AMC series.  The growth and evolution of characters we come to love.  Stepping up and kicking ass, while still hanging on to that core of their personality that makes them who they are.

Anyway, that’s my pitch and I’m sticking to it!

Below are snippets of the press release from AMC TV on Breaking Bad‘s fifth and final season.


Still of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad


Premieres July 2012

The fifth season of the critically acclaimed original drama series “Breaking Bad” premieres this summer on AMC. From acclaimed writer/producer/director Vince Gilligan, the series follows the story of a Walter White, a milquetoast high school chemistry teacher who lives in New Mexico with his wife and teenage son who has cerebral palsy.  White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and with a new sense of fearlessness based on his medical prognosis, and a desire to gain financial security for his family, chooses to enter a dangerous world of drugs and crime and ascends to power in this world.  The series stars Bryan Cranston who won three consecutive Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor for his portrayal of Walter White and Aaron Paul, who won the 2010 Emmy® winner for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman.  The rest of the cast includes Anna Gunn as Skyler White; Dean Norris as Hank Schrader; Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader; RJ Mitte as Walter, Jr; Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman; and Jonathan Banks as Mike.


 [TV Guide]

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